Israel attacks Gaza again after the launch of ‘explosive balloons’ and shooting from the enclave

Columna de humo tras un bombardeo de Israel en la Franja de Gaza en 2019

Smoke column after an Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip in 2019 – Mahmoud Khattab – Archive

MADRID, 30 Jan. –

The Israeli Army has said Thursday that it has carried out new attacks against targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the launch of 'explosive balloons' and the shots fired at an observation tower.

Israel attacks Gaza again after the launch of ‘explosive balloons’ and shooting from the enclave
Israel attacks Gaza again after the launch of ‘explosive balloons’ and shooting from the enclave

In a message on their Twitter social network account, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have indicated that “planes and tanks have attacked several observation posts” in the south of the Strip belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) .

“The attacks have been carried out in response to the 'explosive balloons' launched from the Gaza Strip against Israeli territory and the shooting at an IDF observation post,” they said.

According to the information collected by the Palestinian news agency Maan, the attacks have reached a total of eight points in the Strip, without any information on victims.

Thus, he has detailed that the attacked areas are near the airport of Gaza, south and east of Rafá and near the border crossing of Karem Abú Sale, as well as in the town of Al Shoka.

The IDF already attacked the Strip on Wednesday night in response to the launch of a projectile from the Palestinian enclave against its territory, an incident that resulted in no casualties or material damage.

The launch took place hours after the Israeli Army announced the sending of reinforcements to areas of the West Bank and the border with the Gaza Strip in the face of demonstrations in rejection of the so-called 'agreement of the century', the peace proposal presented by the United States for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The so-called 'agreement of the century' points to Jerusalem as the “indivisible” capital of Israel, which would retain control of the Jewish colonies and the Jordan Valley, while Palestine would have its capital in East Jerusalem.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, defended, in an appearance in the White House next to the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, that is a “realistic” solution to guarantee the peaceful coexistence of two states and urged the Palestinians to accept this “opportunity”, which “could be the last”.

In response, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, described the proposal as “the slap of the century” and stressed that it is destined to end “in the garbage dump of History.”

For his part, Netanyahu said Wednesday that the proposal “is the best agreement” that the Palestinians can achieve, who have asked them to accept the 'agreement of the century'.

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