Israel and Islamic Jihad agree to cease fire after two days of fighting

Several Palestinians in the area of ​​an Israeli bombing in southern Gaza – Abed Deeb

Six projectiles fired from the enclave after the ceasefire came into effect

The Israeli authorities have reached a ceasefire agreement with the Islamic Jihad terrorist group after two days of clashes that began with the Israeli selective attack that ended the life of a commander of the Palestinian organization, the Israeli newspaper 'Yediot reported Ahronoth '.

Israel and Islamic Jihad agree to cease fire after two days of fighting
Israel and Islamic Jihad agree to cease fire after two days of fighting

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces has confirmed the ceasefire agreed by the Israeli Government with Islamic Jihad and has indicated that the Israeli Armed Forces will now focus their efforts on the Israeli northern front.

“We face a great challenge against Iran and have taken advantage of this window of opportunity to address the Iranian front,” the spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces said in a statement. “The Israeli Defense Forces have to focus on the northern front,” he said.

The ceasefire has officially entered into force at 5.30 on Thursday, ending two days of clashes that began in the wake of a selective attack by the Israeli Defense Forces that ended the life of a senior Jihad office Islamic in Gaza, Baha Abu al Atta.

However, hours after the agreement entered into force, six projectiles have been fired from the Gaza Strip, of which three have been intercepted by the 'Iron Dome' system, according to the Israeli Army.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have pointed out through a message on their Twitter social network account that one of the projectiles, which has blown the anti-aircraft alarms, has been intercepted over the town of Netivot.

The Israeli Army has assured that the operation 'Black Belt', which began with the attack that killed Abú al Atta, was aimed at taking a serious blow to Islamic Jihad, a goal that he has considered fulfilled with the operations of the last ” 48 hours”.

In this sense, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stressed that the objective “has been fully accomplished”, as reported by the local newspaper 'The Jerusalem Post'.

“The purpose of the operation was to reach the Islamic Jihad commander in the Gaza Strip. It was eliminated and with it dozens of terrorists. Dozens of important Islamic Jihad infrastructure targets have been equally eliminated,” he said.

“Our enemies have received the message. We can reach anyone, even when they are in bed. I hope this lesson has been learned,” said Netanyahu, who has estimated at about 20 the number of Islamic Jihad members killed in the attacks

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has provided a final balance in which it has indicated that 34 Palestinians, including eight children, died from the bombings, which have also left more than 110 injured.

Data from the Palestinian authorities reflect that 32.35 percent of those killed are women and children, while in the case of the injured this figure amounts to 59.4 percent, as the Palestinian news agency has collected WAFA

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