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Islamic State, the other major threat to peace in Afghanistan

June 14, 2020

Now that peace between the Afghan government and the Taliban appears to be a possibility on the horizon and both sides are determined to begin negotiations to end a conflict in the country that has lasted more than three decades, there is another force that grips you all is becoming increasingly determined to destroy the Afghans’ dream: the Islamic State of Jorasán, a member of the country’s terrorist group.

The group was founded in 2015 in order to fully expand the “caliphate” then directed by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. She knew how to use the numerous armed groups in the region to attract recruits and forge operational alliances, in addition to attacks. However, his progress was soon hampered by counterterrorism efforts against him, with substantial losses to combatants and territory, according to Amira Jadoon, Professor of Counter Terrorism at the West Point Military Academy, in an article for “Thinking”. Tank’s Center for Global Policy (CGP).

These losses, which have weakened the group in recent years, seem to have pushed the Islamic State to act “even more provocatively” to “aggravate” the fragile situation in the country to “generate an” environment in which it can survive and remain relevant, “emphasizes the counter-terrorism expert in the jihadist scene.

Islamic State, the other major threat to peace in AfghanistanIslamic State, the other major threat to peace in Afghanistan

Thus, the group would stand behind some of the bloodiest attacks that have been recorded this year, although what seems to be a custom has not officially claimed those who are most controversial about the target or the victims caused.