is the attitude of the Bitcoiners to Grayscale’s new television commercials

Amid sky-high expectations, Grayscale Investments’ latest television commercial has proven to be a disappointment for many bitcoiners.

The 30-second ad will appear on commercial and financial channels of cable television services and before it was revealed there was hope that it might “Bringing Millions into Cryptocurrency Investments” But the reaction that followed the cryptocurrency fund manager Publicity The announcement on his Twitter account on August 10th was pretty wild.

The video on Twitter has garnered 92,000 views and 2,400 likes so far. but it didn’t match with the expectation of improving Bitcoin from many Crypto Twitter users because it only needs the audience through the history of currency, from shells to paper.

is the attitude of the Bitcoiners to Grayscale’s new television commercials
is the attitude of the Bitcoiners to Grayscale’s new television commercials

“I can’t believe they spent that much money, they didn’t say ‘Bitcoin’ and actually included Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic (which is currently under central attack) in that announcement.” said the Twitter user, John Miles. “I was thrilled and I have to say it was a disappointment.”

Many criticized Grayscale for the production of the ad, to say the song was too loud and specification as “The music overlaps the words and most of the audio cannot be heard.”

“I expected a lot more”, said Backstreet Trader. “It doesn’t force me to make decisions. It has a “so what?” Mood “.

Maybe Crypto Bitlord summarized Better the feelings of many who say, in a nutshell, “This ad is a ***”.

There is still room for jokes

Some members of the cryptocurrency community You took the opportunity to make fun of the investment firm. Is parody of the satirist, Josh Cincinnati doubles his vote and ends with the memorable catchphrase: “We don’t give a car *** what you buy, you buy just a little.”

Instead of getting discouraged, the CEO of Grayscale Barry Silbert said he loved skits and asked that more of them will be published on his twitter thread.

Bitcoin Meme Hub He continued with the slightest changes. Twitter users replacement the last words of the investment firm with those of the amateur meteorologist and Bitcoiner Frankie MacDonald, who calls out “Bitcoin” in his unmistakable tone.

Until August 11th Grayscale Investments manages $ 5.7 billion in assets for its crypto trusts Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Horizen (ZEN), Litecoin (LTC) and Stellar Lumens (XLM), XRP and Zcash (ZEC).

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