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Is Elon Musk really a “madman”?

June 2, 2020

The work of a taxi driver has never been so glamorous. But Elon Musk did it. This blessed son of his mother did it! His company SpaceX transferred two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). It’s not the first time that Musk’s company rockets have launched a NASA order to the station, but it is the first time that they have carried people. The funny thing about this special mission is that it represents a milestone for private companies in the space business. The private sector has been interested in space for some time and SpaceX is at the forefront of this race. Elon Musk himself looks like a character from a science fiction film. Surely it would be the bad guy. Visionary for some. Insane for others.

The goal is to conquer other planets. For this purpose, SpaceX was created. The space. The company is private, but its value is valued at nearly $ 40 billion or more. His current job is to offer freight transportation to space. We are talking about satellites and supplies for the international station. The company is not listed on the stock exchange, so we don’t know its finances very well, however The company has contracts with customers and more than 6,000 employees valued at more than $ 12 billion. SpaceX is not the only company in the race for commercial space flights. Boeing, Virgin and Blue Origin are also in business.

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Is Elon Musk really a “madman”?Is Elon Musk really a “madman”?

Of course, SpaceX always seems to be at the top. Partly because Elon Musk is so media. And partly because he has achieved his success. The company was the first to bring its missiles back to Earth after launch. This can make them reusable and significantly reduce costs. “Cheap” missions open up a whole new world of possibilities. For example, NASA is a customer. NASA is estimated to save $ 40 billion with its SpaceX contract. You don’t have to be a genius to know that we will see a lot of outsourcing in the future.

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is an interesting topic. They have the ability to accomplish what others thought was impossible. His exploits always captivate the public and make us feel that the future we dream of as children as we watch stories from space is drawing closer. Travel to Mars. The conquest of other planets. Space flights and the opportunity to buy a ticket and be part of the great adventure. Something clearly science fiction and Elon Musk is the visionary who makes it possible.

When we return to science fiction films, of course, a character like Elon Musk cannot be the good one. A character with such passion and determination certainly has a dark side. Of course, hearing stories about him can be very entertaining. But far away. Can you imagine being a member of the Tesla or SpaceX Board of Directors? One day Elon comes up with his next great idea and tells us that the initiative will surely fail and millions of dollars will be lost along the way, but it has to be done because that’s what he dreamed of as a child. Damn it! And then he leaves because he has to serve his other companies. We later found out that he had announced the idea on Twitter without our approval. Dealing with Elon Musk shouldn’t be easy.

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The story of the eccentric and rebellious millionaire is great to read, but it shouldn’t be easy to live it firsthand. We are amazed by his meteoric rise, his creativity and his futuristic vision. He has accomplished many things, but he has also commented on absurd awkwardness. Sometimes he extends his hand with “mischief”.

He now has over $ 38 billion in assets, but that hasn’t always been the case. At 17 and only $ 2,000, he left South Africa to work as a farmer in Canada. Finally he went to the USA to continue his university studies. His first project was Zip2, a software company that created maps and directories. The company was founded by his brother at $ 28,000 and 4 years later was bought by the computer company Compaq for more than $ 300 million, of which Musk kept $ 22 million.

With this money, the online bank was founded, which merged with the software company Confinity in PayPal within a few years. Of course, PayPal was later taken over by Ebay for $ 1.5 billion. From that amount Musk received 200 million. And what did the South African entrepreneur do with all that money? Well, he wasn’t involved in one, but in two startups: Tesla and SpaceX.

His efforts were successful thanks to him and despite him. His greatest virtue is his work ethic. There is no doubt that he is a tireless worker. Its success lies in its constancy. You can’t deny that. Then we have his charisma. That is, the strength of his narrative. And this ability has to motivate others. For example, Tesla doesn’t produce as many cars a year as other automakers. And now it’s true From a financial perspective, the company lost a lot more money than it earned. However, stocks are through the roof. Investors still seem to trust him.

His eccentric personality was a blessing and (sometimes) a headache for his company. His habit of tweeting first and then thinking has caused him problems in the past. By not closing his big mouth, he once got into trouble with the SEC. He also had to retire from his position as CEO for some time. Once he was filmed smoking marijuana. This fact He looked harmless and temporarily put his contract with NASA, a government agency, at bay.

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Obviously we’re in front of a figure of the complexity of a Steve Job. Dreamy, charismatic, innovative. But at the same time somewhat tyrannical and irresponsible. A genius, but a little crazy. He has always flirted with the crypto community. He likes to joke. However, his comments are far from concrete. Everything is like a joke. He likes to play games. And tweet puzzling sentences that make us all scratch our heads in intrigue.

Does Elon Musk believe in Bitcoin? To be honest, it is not known. We would like to believe that. Indeed, his comments suggest that this is the case. But to be honest, you can also suggest no. Everything is so ambiguous that it can be one or the other. Is he crazy? A little. Are you a visionary A lot of. Are you a great businessman There is no easy answer to answer this. It is interesting and paradoxical.