Is Bitcoin Cash on the way to another “catastrophic” fork?

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community disagrees on whether to change the algorithm used to set cryptocurrency difficulties A recent developer meeting is reported to have ended with participants who have left the event.

On August 4th Chris Pacia, lead OpenBazaar peer market developer and volunteer BCH developer, tweeted that “several people have withdrawn” as no consensus has been reached on whether adjustments to the Bitcoin Cash difficulty algorithm should be made.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin He tweeted in response that he didn’t understand why BCH people “care so much” because “his algorithm is fine as it is.” and I add:

“I’ll be honest. Be optimistic that BCH development will improve once Craig is released. [Wright] It definitely seems to be one of my worst predictions. “

Is Bitcoin Cash on the way to another “catastrophic” fork?
Is Bitcoin Cash on the way to another “catastrophic” fork?

Some reports indicate that increasing loads on the difficulty algorithm can lead to a further division of the BCH chain. Australian Open BCH lawyer Hayden Otto tweeted: “I will continue with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain in this next section of the chain.”

The difficulty algorithm is “trivial”

In an interview with Cointelegraph, however, Otto said that his tweet was a prank to “troll” the BCH core developers “Bitcoin ABC”.

He downplayed the importance of community disagreements as a “trivial matter,” but also said that “hostile activists pretending to be BCH supporters” use the difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) as a wedge problem. Create chaos and sow division “:

“Changing the DAA has become a priority problem for some select individuals who want to prevent miners from playing the current DAA by changing large amounts [de] Hashrate to and from BCH, which leads to inconsistent block mining times, “he said.

“This really only affects people who deposit on exchanges that require an unnecessary number of deposit confirmations, but not the vast majority of people who use BCH in a personal or business capacity if 0 confirmations are sufficient.”

Otto says fork is unlikely

According to Otto Bitcoin ABC announced an upcoming revision of the difficulty algorithm in the next scheduled BCH update on November 15th. However, he claims that those who pushed for the adjustment continue to be unhappy that the proposed ABC update does not go as far as the “BCHN” implementation they proposed.

Despite the disagreement Otto considers a split in the BCHN chain to be unlikely and explains that “BCHN software is not widely used by miners”. and therefore its supporters “will not have a majority to make the desired changes on the update date.”

“They are now relying on social media testing tactics to persuade miners and companies that run ABC to capitulate and switch to BCHN software.”

“At the moment everything is just an online stance, but when it comes to the update date, I don’t think BCHN fans do anything. They will be a minority chain and a different split would be catastrophic for anyone who follows the minority chain, “Otto concluded.

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