Ireland, first EU country to condemn the “de facto” annexation of the West Bank by Israel

Ireland is the first member state of the European Union (EU) to condemn the “de facto” annexation of the West Bank by Israel through settlement building after the lower house of parliament approved a motion tabled by Sinn Féin for this purpose.

However, the Dáil has rejected the proposal to expel the Israeli ambassador in Dublin and to impose sanctions on Israel. He flatly rejected the vote, which he described as “based on an obviously biased and simplistic policy”.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney stressed during the panel debate that “it is necessary to be honest about what is happening on the ground and to describe it,” the Irish newspaper said. Irish time ‘.

Ireland, first EU country to condemn the “de facto” annexation of the West Bank by Israel
Ireland, first EU country to condemn the “de facto” annexation of the West Bank by Israel

He also stressed that the Dublin decision could send a message to the international community, while Sinn Féin Foreign Affairs spokesman John Brady stressed that the resolution states that “Israel is acting illegally under international law”.

The resolution was put to a vote after Sinn Féin accepted an amendment proposed by the executive branch condemning the actions of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) during the recent clashes in Gaza “.

Conevey has described as “deeply worrying” that Sinn Féin himself did not take the step to admit him, although he stressed that with the approval of the amendment introduced in the text on the “death of civilians on both sides of the conflict” the party was in party accepted this position.

In response, Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat has stressed Israel’s outrageous and unfounded position on Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria – the name the Jews have given the West Bank – through a series of messages posted on its Site published, decidedly refuses account on the social network Twitter.

He also argued that the decision “comes after the unacceptable anti-Israeli messages heard in Ireland at a time when Israeli citizens were the target of terrorist attacks involving more than 4,000 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip by the terrorist organization Hamas.” .

“The motion passed in the Irish Parliament represents a victory for the extremist Palestinian factions. This motion distances Ireland from its desire to contribute and play a constructive role in the Israeli-Palestinian context,” concluded Haiat.

The recent fighting has resulted in the deaths of more than 250 people in Gaza, according to the authorities in Gaza, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and twelve in Israel, including one Indian woman and two Filipino men.

The military escalation erupted on May 10 after Hamas fired multiple projectiles, the day after Israeli agents stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place for Muslims, and injured hundreds of believers in the middle of Ramadan.

The incidents at the mosque also came after several days of suppressing demonstrations against eviction orders in Sheikh Jarrá neighborhood, east Jerusalem, which injured hundreds of Palestinians, and after the postponement of Palestinian legislation due to Israel’s refusal to allow voting in the area the city.

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