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Iran urges the United Kingdom to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia following Johnson’s accusations

September 23, 2019

GENEVA, Sep 23 (Reuters / EP) –

The Government of Iran has asked the United Kingdom on Monday to cancel the sale of “deadly weapons” to Saudi Arabia in response to the accusations made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who pointed to Tehran as responsible for the recent attacks against refineries .

“The United Kingdom attributes to Iran a very high responsibility in the attacks of Aramco. We believe that it is very probable that Iran was really responsible”, Johnson has indicated in an airplane while going to New York to attend the General Assembly of the UN.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Musavi said that London, “instead of unsuccessful efforts against the Islamic Republic of Iran, should take steps to stop selling deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is what many people are asking for in the world, “according to the ISNA agency.

In this way, he added, “they would get rid” of the accusations of “committing war crimes against the people of Yemen”, alluding to the actions carried out by the Saudi coalition in Yemeni territory to defend the Government of Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi