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Iran says the US “is in a denial phase” after its accusations over the attacks against Saudi Arabia;

September 17, 2019


Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohamad Yavad Zarif, said Tuesday that the United States “is in a denial phase” if it thinks that the “Yemeni victims” were not going to respond to the attacks by the Saudi-led coalition against the country .

“The United States is in denial phase if it thinks that the Yemeni victims of the four and a half years of the worst war crimes would not do everything possible to respond,” he said in a series of messages in his account on the social network Twitter .

“Perhaps (Washington) is ashamed that hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons have not intercepted the shooting from Yemen, but accusing Iran will not change that,” he said, referring to the latest attacks against Saudi refineries.

Thus, he stressed that “ending the war is the only solution for all” and has criticized that “the United States is not upset when its allies mercilessly bomb children in Yemen for four years with their weapons and military assistance.”

“However, he is terribly upset when the victims react in the only way they can, against the enemy's oil refineries,” he said, alongside the 'hashtag' #EndYemenWarNow (End the war in Yemen now).

The Huthi rebels vindicated the attack on the Aramco facilities, which has caused severe restrictions on Saudi Arabia's oil production, halved. However, in the eyes of the United States the person responsible is Iran, which has already denied any connection with these incidents.

One of the attacked facilities is located in Abqaiq, near Damman, in the Eastern Province, while the other is located in the Hijrat Jurais oil field.

Aramco has warned that the attacks would reduce production by 5.7 million barrels per day, at a time when the company is preparing to go public. Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, sends more than seven million barrels of crude oil per day.

For their part, the Huthis – who have the support of Tehran in the context of the conflict in Yemen – warned on Monday that the facilities of the Saudi state oil company remain a target that could be attacked “at any time.”