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Iran confirms that Saudi Arabia has sent messages to Rohani through the leaders of other countries

September 30, 2019


The Government of Iran has confirmed Monday that Saudi Arabia has sent messages to the country's president, Hasan Rohani, through the leaders of other nations, amid tensions between the two in the region.

“It is true that (Saudi Arabia) is one of the countries that has sent Rohani,” said Iranian Executive spokesman Ali Rabiei, as reported by the Iranian IRNA news agency.

Thus, he said that Tehran “would applaud if (Saudi Arabia) really wants to change its behavior,” while again calling for an end to the offensive against Yemen by the international coalition led by Riyadh.

Rabiei's words have arrived just a few days after Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Jan said that US President Donald Trump had asked him to mediate with Iran to try to reduce tensions.

He also confirmed that during his recent visit to Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of attacks against the country's oil facilities, Saudi Crown Prince Mohamad bin Salman also asked him to “talk” with Rohani.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have been on the rise in recent months, especially as a result of Washington's decision to abandon the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 in May 2018 and reimpose sanctions against Tehran.

Likewise, the situation in the region has been marked by recent attacks against refineries in Saudi Arabia, which Riyadh and Washington have blamed on Tehran despite the claim of authorship by the Huthis. Iran has rejected any responsibility.