Iran claims to have “reached a good deal” with the IAEA on its nuclear program

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hosein Amirabdolahian assured on Wednesday that the country’s authorities had reached “a good deal” with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the disagreement over their nuclear program.

“Last night we reached a good deal with the IAEA that could end some of the alleged concerns about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and lead to mutual and continued cooperation with the agency,” he said, according to a statement released by the State Department.

Iran showed its willingness to continue working with the IAEA at the end of November after the organization’s director-general, Rafael Grossi, said the contacts maintained during his visit to Tehran were “inconclusive”. The government argued that there were “many problems” and “too little time” to address them and reach an agreement.

Iran claims to have “reached a good deal” with the IAEA on its nuclear program
Iran claims to have “reached a good deal” with the IAEA on its nuclear program

Amirabdolahian has also branded the allegations about the existence of complaints about the 2015 nuclear agreement in the documents of the negotiating team in the Austrian capital Vienna for participation in the talks about a possible reactivation of the pact as “lies”.

The Iranian Foreign Minister emphasized that two texts were being discussed in Vienna, including one from the first six rounds of contacts, while he was “optimistic” about making “progress” if the other countries “act realistically”. .

The United Nations said Wednesday that talks in Vienna showed that a full recovery would require “additional effort and patience” and stressed that “there is no viable alternative” to full implementation of the pact by all signatories.

The UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peacebuilding, Rosemary DiCarlo, recalled that the IAEA “has indicated that Iran is continuing its research and development activities on uranium metals” and stressed that Tehran is against the clauses on the storage of enriched uranium and its Has violated the degree of enrichment.

DiCarlo also stated that the IAEA on 1st commitments.

“More recently, the agency has stressed that the lack of regular access to its surveillance and surveillance equipment, as agreed in the plan, is becoming a significant challenge for the agency in restoring its business continuity. “he explained.

Talks on the United States’ return to the agreement and Iran’s return to its commitments began on Nov. the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi.

Iran has announced that it will withdraw its commitments on several points of the deal after the United States unilaterally left the pact in 2018, despite the Iranian authorities defending that these steps can be reversed if the United States lifted the sanctions and return the agreement.

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