Iran abandons another of its nuclear agreement commitments

DUBAI, Sep. 6 (Reuters / EP) –

The Iranian authorities have reported Friday that they have taken the next step in the breach of the nuclear agreement reached in 2015, according to the Iranian semi-official ISNA news agency.

“Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a letter to the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, has announced that Iran has removed all restrictions related to Research and Development (RD),” he said. ISNA quoting Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi.

Iran abandons another of its nuclear agreement commitments
Iran abandons another of its nuclear agreement commitments

Iranian President Hasan Rohani has repeatedly insisted that the abandonment of his commitments under the pact will take place progressively every 60 days if Europe does not take “new initiatives” to ensure the full reinstatement of the Islamic Republic to International markets

According to the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the main powers, Tehran could continue to carry out research and development activities for limited enrichment as long as it did not accumulate enriched uranium, which included work done with certain types of advanced centrifuges.

The 2015 agreement reached between Iran and six other countries and signed under the Administration of former US President Barack Obama, restricted the nuclear activities of the Middle East country in exchange for a partial lifting of sanctions.

However, US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the country from the agreement in 2018 and restore sanctions against Tehran.

Tensions between the two countries increased in May coinciding with the first anniversary of the abandonment of the nuclear pact by the United States, a decision taken to consider that Iran was not fulfilling its commitments and that it must stop the development of its missile program and abandon its influence on conflicts in the Middle East region.

Since the exit of the agreement, the US Government has reactivated sanctions against the Islamic Republic and has ordered countries around the world to stop buying Iranian oil or face sanctions for those purchases.

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