IOHK and BeefChain work together to improve food traceability

The team behind the blockchain Cardano (ADA), IOHK, Partnership with BeefChain, based in Wyoming, Use blockchain technology to improve traceability and food safety.

IOHKwho moved to Wyoming in 2019 announced the partnership at the Cardano 2020 virtual event. The commercial manager Jerry Fragiskatos I announce that The solution will benefit both consumers and manufacturers by addressing issues such as food safety and product recalls.

The association will use DLT technology to standardize the processes for monitoring and registering meat products in the entire supply chain, from the ranches to the markets. The President of BeefChain, Steven Lupiensaid it will lead to a number of benefits in terms of certification, tracking and consumer engagement:

“Our club [de BeefChain] With IOHK, it offers farmers top technology […] We are not technologists [e] IOHK forms the backbone of our system and is secure, transparent and scalable. IOHK provided everything we needed and more. “

IOHK and BeefChain work together to improve food traceability
IOHK and BeefChain work together to improve food traceability

By partnering with IOHK, BeefChain can better certify ranchers through a verified process program (PVP). that focuses on quality assurance metrics like grass-fed beef products without hormone treatment. The RFID tag data is saved in Cardano.

Lupien said that Consumers receive a QR code with beefand links it to the information on the Internet about the meat and the ranch where it was made.

“Our consumer product is available to improve the consumer experience and educate consumers about where their product comes from. […] back to the rancher where you can meet the family that produces it. “

The advantages are in sight

Wyoming State Representative and BeefChain Program Director, Tyler Lindholm, emphasized blockchain’s ability to lower supply chain costsFor example, by reducing the time for a product recall from days to seconds. He said Walmart’s FoodTrust program shortened a callback process from 6 days to 2.5 seconds and reduced the cost of each recall by millions:

“As soon as they found out how quickly they could do it, they immediately informed all of their producers that they really had no choice and that they had to switch to their new system quickly. That was good for the blockchain network, for food security and for Traceability. “

Australia is also fighting beef fraud

Australian beef tracking platform BeefLedger is another company that has recognized the potential of DLT technology in the supply chain. Based in Australia, They focus on issues of food security and fraud, especially when it comes to exports to China.

According to the Beijing-based industry expert Ian LahiffeFor every 1 kg of real beef sold in China, there are 3 kg of beef that is not from the country specified.

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