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Investing in Bitcoin has been profitable in 96% of the days since the cryptocurrency was created

June 3, 2020

Bitcoin’s price has stayed at 96% of the days since its launch. How shows expert Danny Scott, Investing in cryptocurrency has been profitable for most of the past 12 years.

The chart released by the CEO of Exchange Coin Corner shows that there are only two cases in which the cryptocurrency has been continuously devalued.

Therefore, the Executive Survey analyzes the performance of Bitcoin prices in 3,577 days and concludes that The cryptocurrency has been “profitable” 3,434 days, or 96% of the days since its launch on the market.

Bitcoin has been profitable most of the time

Investing in Bitcoin has been profitable in 96% of the days since the cryptocurrency was createdInvesting in Bitcoin has been profitable in 96% of the days since the cryptocurrency was created

Danny Scott remembers on Twitter that investing in Bitcoin has been profitable most of the time since 2008, when the cryptocurrency was created and launched.

After analyzing the creator of cryptocurrency broker Coin Corner, Since then, investing in the asset has not been profitable in only 4% of the days.

Given the total number of days analyzed by the expert It’s as if the cryptocurrency caused losses in just 143 days, compared to almost twelve years.

“Bitcoin has been 96% profitable since its inception.”

The majority of the days that Bitcoin made losses focused on two different periods, as can be seen from the graph published on Twitter along with the expert’s analysis.

The picture shows that between late 2017 and 2018 it was the most extensive loss moment that Bitcoin continuously offers. The period shown in the graph coincides with the devaluation of the cryptocurrency, which began shortly after reaching the all-time high of nearly $ 20,000 in prices.

Beyond this period, the cryptocurrency again showed losses for investors at the end of 2019. According to the picture This moment also coincides with a strong devaluation of the cryptocurrency in the market.

Danny Scott comments on Bitcoin’s rating, which recently raised the cryptocurrency to over $ 10,000, and one of the expert’s followers has decided to talk about when the asset will be in the market.

According to the follower, time is considered ideal for investing in Bitcoin, which confirms the analysis’s optimistic view of the profitability of cryptocurrency investments over the past twelve years.

“The chance of a lifetime that will never be seen again.”

The price of cryptocurrency must never be below $ 10,000

Expert Danny Scott took advantage of Bitcoin’s recent valuation of over $ 10,000 to reaffirm how lucrative a cryptocurrency investment can be in the long term.

Management’s analysis was posted on Twitter on Tuesday (2), while the price of Bitcoin in the market was still over $ 10,000.

However, with the devaluation of up to 14% of the cryptocurrency in the past few hours, the numbers presented by the chart specialist may change when you consider this Tuesday, when Bitcoin’s $ 10,000 value was again declined.

Meanwhile analyst “Bit Harrington” believes 2020 is the last year the bitcoin price is trading below five digits in the market, as reported by the Cointelegraph.

Another prediction for this profile, published on Twitter, says that this year will be the last year the asset is quoted at around $ 10,000, confirming the thesis of the cryptocurrency valuation most of its history. on the market.