Investigations into murder and property damage began following the collapse of the Mexico City subway

The Mexico City Attorney General (FGJ) has reported that an investigation has been launched into the crimes of murder and property damage, both of which were guilty of the collapse of Subway Line 12. 25 people have already died in this accident.

“All the necessary expert reports are being carried out,” emphasized the FGJ, which has stated in detail that it will investigate the reason for the events in detail and find those responsible, reports the Mexican media group “Milenio”.

A multidisciplinary team is available for structural analysis to develop studies on geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics, structural calculations or material resistance to support the investigation.

Investigations into murder and property damage began following the collapse of the Mexico City subway
Investigations into murder and property damage began following the collapse of the Mexico City subway

Likewise, the employment contracts and monitoring, the maintenance protocols, the construction companies and superiors as well as the information request to all areas in between are checked for the “delimitation of responsibilities”.

In the meantime, the disaster log has also been activated and the information updated for relatives of those affected, including 25 deceased so far who have already been identified, as stated by the prosecution itself.

“Our obligation is to make a scientifically and legally sound statement about the unfortunate events of yesterday in the shortest possible time and to give the citizens a guarantee that the truth will be reached and justice will be done, which is not the case.” Hidden information is not kept secret from anyone, “said the prosecutor of their decision.

On the other hand, the Mexican government has ordered three days of national mourning for the accident, which is why the national flag will be hoisted at medium height until May 6th.

“In the face of the above tragedy, the government expresses its solidarity and deep pain towards the deceased and injured and their respective families,” said the government, while Mexico City has also decided to end three days of mourning.

The accident happened that Monday night when the train collapsed, apparently due to the collapse of a trot between Olivos and Tezonco stations in Mexico City that killed more than twenty people and injured around 80.

The cars have already been removed from the scene of the tragedy, and Mexico City’s Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum has announced that Line 12 will no longer function for an indefinite period.

“Unfortunately we cannot tell you how long I believe our obligation is to keep it safe and so we will be doing a thorough review, for both the users and the residents of the city,” he said in the article consider.

Likewise, it has been found that anomalies of other metro stations in Mexico City, reported by various users after the incident, are being reviewed, although it was stated that in this case there was no signal or warning to indicate before the collapse to warn.

Sheinbaum has also refused to remove from office the director of the metro, Florencia Serranía, who has blamed some sectors, while the investigation is ongoing.

“This is about who is responsible. I don’t know if you agree. I think it should be. So we need to know who is responsible, what responsibility is for their limits, and make decisions based on that . ” he said. added the head of government, who has returned to visit the scene of the accident.

Dozens of people have gathered at Olivos train station at certain times of the day to demand justice while the metro’s unions have called for a work break. At the same time, the international community expressed its “solidarity” with the victims on Tuesday.

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