investFeed Developer Diary #12

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investFeed Developer Diary #12

Welcome Back!

Keeping in line with the Spirit of constantly improving the user experiences the team at investFeed aims to deliver an evolving product that bridges the gap between a web application and intuitive behavior of the end user in general. This document highlights and elaborates the new release feature , ongoing work in progress and planned activities

New Implementations and Upgrades

investFeed Developer Diary #12
investFeed Developer Diary #12

1. Home Page feature changes

2. Comments section enhancement

3. Added functionalities for the messaging system (chat)

4. Articles section

5. Help

6. Mobile Updates

7. DB Infrastructure and performance/process upgrade

Ongoing/Planned activities

1.Companies/Project Pages is updated

2.Premium Subscriptions

3.Tiingo Data “Data Improvments”

4. Adding Overall Market Data Insights To Header

5.Mobile Enhancements

New Implementations and Upgrades

Home Page feature changes

We are constantly enhancing the user experience for the website. The Feedlink has been changed to Home for a more universally accepted standard navigation to users. User can navigate to home page from anywhere by clicking the button.

For an enhanced customized feed viewing option, now the user can make a choice to toggle the feed on his home page by making a choice of clicking either All Posts or Following(new addition)link on the Home page. Following link has been added to show posts only from other Users who are being followed. This gives the user an option to concentrate on posts of his interest rather than getting spammed by unwanted posts.

Comments section enhancement

The comments section has been redesigned to provide a better universally accepted standard feeling to the user for Like, Share. Instead of loading all comments and displaying an entire comment thread at a time we now have a limit so long comment threads don’t take too much space on the page. If desired the user can click on the comments to read it all. This helps to enhance the user experience, enrich the amount of information shown on screen and feed him information on demand over the screen.

Added functionalities for the messaging system (chat)

Entire page has been redesigned for a cleaner and more intuitive user experience. It allows more room for additional feature sets.

After the release the users will now have the option to set up a chat for a group or create an individual chat space as real time private channel. This feature will help the user to get information / help with desired level of privacy.

There is an added option now to see the profile in a quick view mode without navigating out of the chat space to know more about the other individual. This shrinks in all information at chat page itself.

Now user status will be displayed to reflect his online/offline status on investFeed. Also to keep interactions more interactive a real time typing indicator is implemented in the current release. This way the user at other end knows that he /she is about to get response in real time soon.

Articles section

Articles section has been enhanced to add featured articles. This section will serve as a central repository for all bloggers. Now the articles can be edited with the Edit article functionality. This will ensure avoiding duplicate articles with more or less same information. The blogger can keep on updating his parent article to add more information.


The FAQ for How to perform basic operations in the website has been improved for a more user-friendly experience. We will keep enriching this section based on user queries and feedback as well as whenever we feature a new functionality release.

Mobile Updates

The mobile app has been upgraded to add facility for users to give tips over the mobile app. This feature is going to benefit the user community to share more productive and relevant content. This will ensure that investFeed is a one stop place for information where user real time gains will drive the reward sharing. We will have an edge and a tremendous growth potential when compared to several paid communities which charge users for tips which many time might not yield profitability.

The article is more responsive and instantaneous in mobile app.

The functionality to edit post from the mobile app has been added.

DB Infrastructure and performance/process upgrade

This is a technical update to make investFeed more robust. We upgraded our back-end database infrastructure to a larger master node instance which will enhance the invest feed capability for handling more connections as well as better and faster response to complex user searches and queries. Also a 24/7 downtime monitor is now in place so that user receives an uninterrupted service.

Ongoing/Planned activities

Companies/Project Pages is updated: We are adding Projects List Page with Sorting

Premium Subscriptions

Creating checkout pages for purchasing a premium subscription. It’s a required component for subscribing to another user on the site with IFT.

Tiingo Data “Data Improvments”

The most updated statistics of coin data for the user’s customized watch-list as well as overall coins now shows which refreshes every minute. Also, the development team has worked on the enhancement of look and feel of the coin data display.

Adding Overall Market Data Insights To Header (Replacing Treding Tickers)-A new design will be implemented which will show overall crpyto market status instead of tickers.


Adding Company/Project Pages

Adding Articles

Adding Civic Verified Badges

Adding Watchlist Blockfolio Style Features

Addressing Feedback Issues

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