Introducing World’s First Wearable Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrencies & Other Digital Assets

Blockchain wallets had come a long way, from the initial stages of using the paper wallets, web wallets to more secure hardwarewallets. New wallets tend to increase the security and make the information as discreet as possible. The role of the Blockchain wallet is to just hold the private key of the account is some way. It can be QR code, string, Mnemonics or some strange figure.

Security is first, foremost valued and vital detail in the Blockchain community. Among all types of wallets, the hardwarewallets go through extreme measures to password protect and encrypt your data and keys so that even if some attacker does get a hold of them, it’s unlikely if not impossible for them to retrieve private keys from it.

Hardware wallets are great as they provide a lot of security but what about convenience? It is very easy to forget these little buddies anywhere — on a desk, in the car, even they are difficult to locate them inside a bag full of other stuff.

Introducing World’s First Wearable Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrencies & Other Digital Assets
Introducing World’s First Wearable Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrencies & Other Digital Assets

Considering the present demands of Hardware Wallets all over the globe, problems & convenience factor, we have decided to build one in a wearable format to make it easy to carry as well as access it on the go.

Meet Vault0x, the world’s first wearable hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. Vault0x is where the Wearable Technology meet Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets.

The Vault0x provides you with a secure implementation of Blockchain wallets over a wearable device. Hardware wallets are currently in substantial demand, and wearable wallets will provide additional peace of mind as they are convenient to carry on the person.

The premier hardware supplied by Vault0x will be the backbone built upon secure cryptographic algorithms and tends to disrupt the market by bringing in:

  1. Premium product: Metallic design with fashionable hardware
  2. Convenient form factor: It can strapped on the wrist, attached to a keychain, car keys or dog’s collar
  3. Lighting fast access: Strap has a in built usb endpoint for fast access of the hardwarewallet.
  4. Universal second factor Authentication: Supports open authentication platform U2F, which is being used by most of the platforms for 2FA.
  5. State of the art cryptography: High levelsecurity and authentication provided with ECC and SHA2 algorithms.
  6. Support for major cryptocurrencies and forks: Supports Bitcoin, Ether, ERC20 tokens and many more. It will also support major forks happening on these networks.


There are many challenges in building this technology even by extending the currently available open sourceplatforms. Some of these are:

Aesthetics — The design and overall aesthetics of wearables play a significant role in its acceptance. One may consider this requirement as superficial but we cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting it right. It is essential that device is easy to operate and is comfortable to wear.

Battery Life — This is the most challenging part of a wearable. To get the right balance between compactness and battery life a lot of experimentation is needed. No one wants to charge one more devicedaily, and they should not be forced to do so. The device should be capable of working for an extended period on a single charge.

Robustness — Since hands are frequently exposed to dirt and water; wearables should consider this. They should be at least water resistant if not waterproof. They should also not attract a lot of dust.

Performance — Achieving good performance and at the same time maintaining good battery life and compact size along with robustness is a challenging task.

Vault0x Key Features

Vault0x wallets come with the variety of key features to protect and safeguard your cryptocurrencies. Some of the underlying elements of Vault0x are as follows:

Plausible deniability

Vault0x provide this feature in two ways:

  1. A secondary password can be set for Vault0x that would access a fully functional hidden wallet. You can add some change in it to add plausibility.
  2. In case you are forced to recover Vault0x wallet from a backup, entering the wrong password will create a valid but different Vault0x wallet. You can also add some change there to add some level of plausibility.

Universal Second Factor (U2F)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is currently the most efficient way to protect your digitalaccounts from unauthorized access. In addition to what your username and password, you use something that only you have like a phone, an app or a specific hardwaretoken, to login securely. U2F provides one more layer of security where your sensitive information is never shared.

Vault0x offers a convenient and a secure method of two-factor authentication, based on a universal standard.

Multi-Currency support

Vault0x wallet supports multiple significant cryptocurrencies. Vault0x wallets can be used to send/receive payments for strong players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. to lightweight coins like the Litecoin.

Major Forking Support

A fork in a context happens when a blockchain diverges into two potential paths forward — either about a network’s transaction history or a new rule in deciding what makes a transaction valid. Vault0x support all the major forking and provide the user with the best results.


We are already halfway through and will be finishing the remaining work in the next couple of months. Expecting this to be available for purchase in second half of 2018 or may be sooner.

Please check our websitehere & join the waitlist.

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