IntoTheBlock and Dash Core Group announced a partnership to deliver analytics to Dash users

IntoTheBlock and Dash Core Group announced a strategic collaboration with the intention of providing dash users with analysis and market information. This was reported by IntoTheBlock to Cointelegraph in Spanish on May 20th.

They pointed this out by an explanation Dash is considered one of the most important projects in the crypto ecosystem And one that regularly delivers tangible value for specific applications.

“It enables millions of people worldwide to act safely immediately. Dash has pioneered innovative features, including a two-tier network with incentive nodes and decentralized governance (masternodes), and instant payments (InstantSend).

IntoTheBlock and Dash Core Group announced a partnership to deliver analytics to Dash users
IntoTheBlock and Dash Core Group announced a partnership to deliver analytics to Dash users

Starting this month, the Dash Core Group, which supports the development of the Dash network, has teamed up with IntoTheBlock to develop new ideas on dash acceptance, usability and growth trends. The idea behind this alliance is to offer added value not only to the Dash Core Group, but also to the dash investors, users and developer communities.

Several initiatives have been launched between the two companies under this agreement. First, a section on the dash-on-chain metrics provided by IntoTheBlock is published on the Dash website. This section is divided into two parts: As the name suggests, the token summary shows a quick view of Dash that shows several of the IntoTheBlock indicators, which together provide a holistic view of Dash behavior. Below are users of four time series indicators that explain Dash’s behavior, e.g. These include, for example, the transaction volume in the chain, the average transaction size of Dash in the network and the price correlation of Dash with Bitcoin and the geographical distribution of Dash transactions.

For users who are interested in a more detailed analysis, they are redirected to the IntoTheBlock platform using the “Deeper dive” button. You have access to a portfolio of over 60 Dash Smart Indicators, which includes a special section called “Transaction Breakdown” where users search for information. Detailed information such as the distribution of Dash transactions and the size of PrivateSend transactions.

Cooperation and other initiatives

Dash and IntoTheBlock will extend their collaboration to other initiatives. They said that IntoTheBlock, for example, will produce a video with a monthly repetition, which, based on the analysis of their platform, provides information about Dash’s metrics. The video will be published on an official dash channel and on IntoTheBlock.

IntoTheBlock also develops a set of indicators for internal use by the Dash Core Group to help them compare the company’s goals with the actual activity of its network.

About Dash

Dash is a cryptocurrency with certain characteristics. It is neither a development platform nor like the first cryptocurrencies with enormous transaction fees, long transaction waiting times and volatility. It is aimed at a completely different level. The developers define Dash as a cryptocurrency analogue for electronic money. They want Dash to be as fluid and fast as the online fiat money that is currently mostly used.

Dash is probably a decentralized peer-to-peer e-cash that is based on the core of Litecoin and enables functions such as PrivateSend and InstantSend.

In addition, Dash is decentralized in the government and is founded by mining through its own network, making it autonomous and independent of government agencies other than its own users.

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