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Interpol joins Kaspersky to declare “Anti-Ransomware Day”.

May 14, 2020

The international organization to fight crime, Interpol has partnered with cyber security company Kaspersky to launch a campaign called “Anti-Ransomware Day”.. The date is set for the third anniversary of the largest known ransomware attack, WannaCry.

According to the announcement, The May 12 holiday will raise awareness of the impact of cyber attacks that focus on bailouts that continue to affect people and businesses around the world.

A study published by Kaspersky reported that WannaCry held the title of the most significant ransomware attack ever carried out until October 2019.. Companies affected by the WannaCry attacks suffered an average loss of $ 1.46 million.

Other expenses concern target companies

Interpol joins Kaspersky to declare “Anti-Ransomware Day”.Interpol joins Kaspersky to declare “Anti-Ransomware Day”.

The researchers said around 767,907 users were affected by this type of cyber attack in 2019.;; 30% of them were company users.

Sergey Martsynkyan, head of B2B product marketing at Kaspersky, told Infosecurity magazine:

“The threat is still relevant today, as there will be users who don’t know much about it and who may become victims. The good news is that the right security approach and action can make rescue software another one. Uncritical threat.”

Craig Jones, Interpol’s director of cyber crime, added:

“Cybercriminals diversify attack methods to launch cyberattacks by exploiting the COVID 19 outbreak. These cyber threats cause serious harm to people and organizations and exacerbate an already bad situation in the physical world the moment we are all have to unite to stop them. “

Ransomware attacks slow somewhat in the middle of COVID-19

A report published by Emsisoft Malware Lab and published by Cointelegraph on April 21 found that the number of ransomware attacks in the public sector has decreased significantly. from the U.S. during the first quarter of 2020.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, ransomware attacks have not stopped worldwide.

Cointelegraph also reported on May 6 that Hackers compromised the computer systems from Fresenius, a private hospital in Germanyis considered the largest in Europe.

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