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Interactive albums coming to iTunes

June 27, 2018
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Interactive albums coming to iTunes–Alternative rock band Snow Patrol’s next album will be released in a new interactive format on iTunes and will include lyrics and exclusive images.

Video game “megatrends” and the necessity of internet connectivity–The video game market is changing as the Internet enables new consumption methods for games.

Is technology making it harder to be unfaithful?–Some commentators are declaring that the long-term extramarital affair is dead. The reason: the development of superior technological gadgetry over the last few years.

Use your keyboard to select text in Microsoft Word–Make your text selections more precise by using function keys.

(CNET — 13 hours ago)
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Red Hat’s Project Spacewalk is notable for its promise, but also for its lack of evangelism to live up to that promise. (CNET — 13 hours ago)
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By this time Tuesday, there should be a new browser for us to use. (CNET — 12 hours ago)
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Wilmington, N.C. will be the first market to switch to digital TV next week, providing a peek at what to expect in February when the rest of the country transitions to digital TV. (CNET — 13 hours ago)
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No browser maker is complacent these days, but Google’s open-source browser effort is likely to put on even more pressure. (CNET — 12 hours ago)
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Google Insights data suggests that we enjoy our Macs for more than we enjoy Windows and Linux. (CNET — 30 August, 2008)
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The release of the iPhone 3G has meant bumps for device’s global Web share, according to figures released Monday. (CNET — 2 September, 2008)
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There’s nothing like the vice presidential nomination of a relatively unknown (and female) governor to push the Wikipedia edit machine into high gear. (CNET — 31 August, 2008)
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