“Intel sued me for using my own name”

John McAfee, the English programmer who once said he would “eat his own penis” if Bitcoin didn’t hit a million dollars, He claims that Intel is suing him for his Ghost privacy project.

After a Tweet published on July 23, Intel Corporation Sues Him For Using GhostbyMcAfee Name. Ghost is an open source privacy coin designed to conduct more anonymous transactions on the blockchain network and its spread started on June 22nd.

Thanks to McAfee’s fame Create one of the first anti-virus programs and the founding of the software company of the same name in 1987. Intel bought McAfee Company in 2010 and has run it as a joint venture with TPG Capital since 2017.

“Intel sued me for using my own name”
“Intel sued me for using my own name”

Intel appears to be unhappy that John McAfee is proposing a partnership between his data protection company and the anti-virus company using “McAfee”.

John McAfee commented:

“The buyers of my old company are too stupid to understand that everything I create only benefits their now miserable product.”

According to another tweet, McAfee said this reserves the right to use your full nameJohn McAfee.

The McGhostFace spirit

The businessman asked his followers on Twitter to suggest alternative names.“GhostbyJohnMcAfee” seemed a bit too clumsy since its variation.

“GhostbySatoshiN”, said the user of “Moonrider“There are no legal sharks swimming around Satoshi Nakamoto’s name.”

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