Insurer Axa joins the board of directors of Neobank Myinvestor

The insurer Axa has joined the board of directors of Neobank Myinvestor. with the involvement of Luis Sáez de Jáuregui, Sales and Distribution Manager of Axa Spain. This was reported by El Confidencial on August 27th.

According to the article in El Confidencia, Sáez de Jáuregui has been a member of the Axa Executive Committee since 2014. Among other things, he has a doctorate in applied economics and a degree in economics. and graduated in law. In addition to his work as a registered actuary at the Institute for Spanish Actuaries.

Sáez will share a table on the Board of Directors with representatives from Andbank España, El Corte Inglés Seguros and various “Family Offices” who are part of the shareholders.

Insurer Axa joins the board of directors of Neobank Myinvestor
Insurer Axa joins the board of directors of Neobank Myinvestor

“In July, both companies announced the implementation of a new Assurbanque collaboration model, under which customers can access the MyInvestor mortgage via selected agents and brokers from the Axa network under special conditions, checking accounts and credit cards. Credit and other banking services across Spain, ”the article says.

“This model is already active in more than thirty exclusive Axa agents, to which more than 200 new agents will soon be gradually added in order to gradually gain capillarity. Likewise, 200 expert brokers assigned to the Axa network of broker partners will be added to the project, ”they later added.

For his part, Sáez de Jáuregui said:

“There are many advantages to this Assurbanque model that customers can go to any Axa office or an accredited broker of the insurance company and have access to mortgages, checking accounts and other banking products from MyInvestor.”

It should be noted that, according to El Confidencial, it was recently announced that two “Family Offices” had taken up positions on the MyInvestor board: “one representing the Alcaraz Alcaraz brothers, founders of Goldcar and major shareholders of Socimi Almagro, and one other member the Del Castillo family, owners of the airline Binter Canarias. “

Capital round

“”MyInvestor ran a capital round late last year that raised $ 20 million. Half was provided by Andbank España, which retains 75% of the capital, while the other 10 million was contributed by AXA, El Corte Inglés Seguros and “Family Offices” who have just joined the board of directors.n ”ended the post.

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