Institutional market sentiment data is now available to everyone

The Estonian exchange, CoinMetro has decided to provide ordinary users with its cryptocurrency sentiment analysis tool. This is the same tool that Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds use professionally.

Although the tool appears rather simple, Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro, told Cointelegraph The key here is that ordinary traders have access to exactly the same data as institutions::

“This data that we are displaying is exactly the same data that is shown to the institutional player at the same time. While it looks like each indicator is lagging behind, you get it in exactly the same way and at the same time, at the fidelity has it, so you can’t go on with this data. “

Crypto Twitter Sentiment from The TIE

Institutional market sentiment data is now available to everyone
Institutional market sentiment data is now available to everyone

Cryptocurrency mood on Twitter by The TIE. Source: CoinMetro.

CoinMetro is too accommodating

Murcko believes that CoinMetro has a huge advantage over headlines due to its dealings with regulation.. He believes that the days of the Wild West are coming to an end and that CoinMetro will benefit from this change:

“Regulation is coming. It will come faster and stronger. AMLD5 is the tip of the iceberg of what will come in the US and the US. And we are ready to have no real impact on our business because we are too accommodating and every step of the way. “

Binance’s days are numbered

At the same time, he believes that The increased costs associated with increased regulation will force many exchanges to close::

“When regulators become stricter, the cost of running the business increases significantly. Most cryptocurrency exchanges are profitable just because they cheated on their customers. This blackmail begins to decrease when real competition comes onto the market. “

When he talks about Binance, which Murcko believes is more accommodating than many other exchanges, he still believes his days are numbered. He speculates that a regulatory throttle will finally remove him from existence..

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