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Andersons Audiovisual
Ph (02) 9586 3230

Digisat Technology and Communications
Mobile: 0414 816 248

Installer Links
Installer Links

Hills Antenna and TV systems
sales ph: (02) 9717 5290
installation ph: (02) 9717 5270

Matchmaster Communications Pty Limited
Ph: 1 800 816 460

Ph (03) 8508 5555

Paige Communications
Ph: (02) 8783 8884

Ph: (02) 4360 2466

Installer Industry Associations
Television Electronics Services Association and The Electronic Technicians Institute of Australia
Electronic Services Industry Association

DTG’s Retailer Installer Information (UK)
DTG’s Specifications for upgrades to existing communal aerial (MATV) systems to accommodate Digital Terrestrial Television

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