Instagram earned more money than YouTube in 2019

The earnings of the photographic social network accounted for a quarter of Facebook's total revenue.

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Instagram earned more money than YouTube in 2019
Instagram earned more money than YouTube in 2019

There is little doubt that Instagram is important for Facebook's financial results, but how big is it really? It may be bigger than you think.

Sources claim that Instagram accumulated $ 20 million in public revenue in 2019, easily eclipsing the 15.1 million that YouTube got. Yes, the most popular video site on the planet was not as lucrative as the social network focused on photography. As expected, Instagram played an important role in Facebook's finances, representing more than a quarter of last year's technology company public money.

The site could also be more profitable. YouTube shares most of its advertising revenue with content creators, and its video-only approach could mean more limited costs for streaming clips.

Facebook has denied a comment on the data. The company has not broken down Instagram revenue so far, and finally, the verification has not updated the Instagram user count beyond the millions of reports in 2018.

It's not entirely surprising that Instagram attracts that kind of money. Advertising is everywhere in the application these days, including in the regular feed and stories. Instagram is also doing everything possible to facilitate purchases. This continues in diapers, but shows that Instagram is much more than a parallel project to the flagship social network of Mark Zuckerberg .

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