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“Inspiring Women Leaders in Digital Era” will take place from September 7th to 10th to empower women in disruptive technologies like blockchain

September 7, 2020

Starting today, a new female entrepreneurship appointment begins with the IV Inspiring Women Leaders in Digital Era. For four consecutive years, the largest virtual digital talent event brings together the most powerful women in the world of technology and entrepreneurship to empower women in disruptive technologies like blockchain.

During this virtual meeting, women will be speakers in front of other women to pave the way for many others to become entrepreneurs. The event will take place from September 7th to 10th this year.

This fourth edition is going to reveal something of tremendous relevance at this point. Emerging ecosystems and some of the leading technology startups run by women. In addition, topics related to bridge building with company councils are dealt with. Speakers from all over the world will share their success stories and good practices.

“Inspiring Women Leaders in Digital Era” will take place from September 7th to 10th to empower women in disruptive technologies like blockchain“Inspiring Women Leaders in Digital Era” will take place from September 7th to 10th to empower women in disruptive technologies like blockchain

The web conferences organized by the Women Startups Community are freely accessible and discuss how disruptive technologies (blockchain, AI, deep learning, AR, VR, nanotech, robotics, etc.) are helping to activate the economy. Also about how strategic decisions are made and how new talent is hired from the board of directors. All of this to face the challenges of this moment of double disruption: the pandemic as an accelerator of the digital transformation of companies.

How the Covid-19 crisis is affecting the current disruption in companies will also be discussed, and speakers will share their personal experiences, advice and inspiring ideas.

The event will also serve to highlight the changes in corporate boards and the way strategic decisions are made, as well as the recruitment of new talent to address the challenges of this double disruption moment, with the pandemic at its heart as an accelerator of transformation stands. digital companies.

Under the motto “Reactivate Growth”, the IV Inspiring Women Leaders also present emerging ecosystems and startups led by women and bridges to the councils. Examples of good practice from around the world with an international presence will be exchanged at round tables: from Australia to Silicon Valley to South Africa, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Via the W Startup Community

W Startup Community is a non-profit association that pursues a fundamental goal: to become a reference for inspiration and development of the new generation of female executives in startups and innovations. And a very ambitious goal behind it: to integrate women into the digital world and to spread technologies in order to bring them closer.

W Startup Community has managed to build a global network from Spain, in which more than 3,000 women take part, who are world leaders in the field of women entrepreneurship and who donate their time for the training and success of other projects. They also aim to narrow the digital gender divide and bring visibility to this talent.

Your philosophy remains intact, as does what moves you:

The independence, cooperation, union and generosity of many people who donate their time to train and help other women in their ideas and projects. They certify the formations with tokens and give reputation tokens to those who donate their time to the entrepreneurs.

They want to kindly publicize the brakes and circumstances women have encountered in entrepreneurship, especially in the digital world, and how they have overcome them. Interesting tools and tips that can help and inspire other women.

Make these little stories of women with impactful projects visible to society through various initiatives. They also want to encourage dialogue between all those involved in decision-making: science, research, institutions, companies and boards of directors.

At the end of the virtual congress, four entrepreneurial prizes will be awarded with grants from Harvard and Singularity University and a global trophy from 4Lines and entrepreneur Niobe.

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