INE is preparing to reopen its modules on August 3rd

Until August 17th, you can only go to the modules to complete the voter registration process, which is interrupted by the COVID-19 contingency.

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INE is preparing to reopen its modules on August 3rd
INE is preparing to reopen its modules on August 3rd

Through a statement published on social networks National Electoral Institute (INE) announced that from August 3, 377 of its 487 modules in the country will ensure that pending procedures are completed again.

Since this is the first reopening of the subsidiaries after the health emergency caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the services will be gradually reactivated. The first phase will only consist of the delivery of voter identification cards to citizens who have prepared the pre-pandemic interruption process.

In addition, the INE indicated the obligation to make an appointment and to comply with all hygiene measures imposed (such as the strict use of mouth masks) in order to be able to go to one of its modules. It was also confirmed that the first phase of the reopening consists exclusively of the transmission of login information with processing before the emergency, so that no other type of request is made despite an appointment.

Availability of all INE procedures

In a section of the statement, the National Electoral Institute mentioned that the second phase of its module reopening will be on August 17. During this phase you can request any kind of procedure, yes, with an obligatory appointment.

“From August 17th, all fixed modules will be opened to carry out all kinds of procedures: first requesting a voter registration card, changing the address or updating the data and renewing the registration card due to loss, theft or loss of validity. It is mandatory that You edit an appointment, ”wrote INE.

Appointments can be made via the official INE website ( or by phone at 800 433 2000.

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