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Indigenous protesters break into the National Assembly of Ecuador in the framework of protests against Moreno

October 8, 2019


Indigenous protesters have managed to overcome the police and military siege by entering the complex of the National Assembly of Ecuador, in Quito, within the framework of protests against the Government of Lenin Moreno for economic reform.

According to local press reports, the uniformed men have thrown tear gas against the protesters, who have still managed to access the courtyard and the terrace of Parliament.

The situation could get worse because the natives have announced their intention to march towards the Carondelet Palace, seat of the Government, which is empty, because the Executive has fled to Guayaquil, but remains guarded by the Armed Forces.

Thousands of indigenous people have arrived in Quito in recent days to participate in the national strike called for Wednesday in the Ecuadorian capital. At the moment, there are about 5,000 people that the organizers expect to reach 20,000.

Quito has become another day in the epicenter of the riots. Traffic remains cut in numerous sectors and public transport has been suspended. In addition, there have already been clashes between security forces and protesters.

The altercations go beyond the capital. Thus, there have been incidents in 21 provinces, including the taking of the Chimborazo Governorate by indigenous protesters.

On Monday night there were already attacks on public institutions. Then, the Ecuadorian authorities denounced actions against the National Assembly and the Comptroller and the president ordered to move the Government from Quito to Guayaquil, where it remains with the armored city.

The economic reform that Moreno announced on October 1, the result of an agreement with the IMF, has unleashed the worst protests of recent years in Ecuador. One person has died, dozens have been injured and about 600 have been arrested. The president has declared the state of exception.

The United Nations System in Ecuador on Monday transferred to Moreno “its willingness to accompany in the search for agreements that favor society as a whole”, a mediation offer that the Government has accepted this Tuesday to favor “the return to social peace and understandings within the country. ”