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India’s time trial against the corona virus

July 4, 2020

India confirmed its first COVID-19 case on January 30. More than five months later, and with the balance of those infected with a firm step toward 700,000, the country is among the most affected by the pandemic in the world. This is predictable given its population, but it worries about the potential impact of cities or areas with little resources.

At that time, the Federal Ministry of Health confirmed 442 new deaths and a further 22,771 new infections this Saturday, up to 18,655 deaths and 648,315 cases in total since the epidemic was reported in the country.

The Narendra Modi government imposed the largest prison sentence ordered by this pandemic on March 25, affecting the country’s 1.3 billion residents. When the number of cases reached less than half a thousand, the prime minister made a symbolic speech to citizens’ cooperation to “save India”.

India’s time trial against the corona virusIndia’s time trial against the corona virus

The paralysis of activities and traffic plunged the country into an unprecedented scenario, not without controversy due to the obvious consequences that these blockages had on people who live daily or work in places that are far from their area of ​​origin. However, Modi considered it necessary in the face of a virus that was already “spreading like fire” at this point.