India confirms over 300,000 cases one more day but is seeing a decline in infections

The Government of India confirmed a new day this Tuesday that more than 300,000 cases of coronavirus have emerged in the country, which adds up to nearly three weeks in these numbers, at a time when the country is crossing the 23 million and 250,000 threshold Deaths.

The Indian Ministry of Health has detailed that there have been 329,942 cases and 3,876 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total since the pandemic started to 22,992,517 and 249,992, respectively.

However, the number of infections is lower than it was on Monday, when over 400,000 cases, more than 365,000, were reported after four consecutive days. The death toll, on the other hand, is higher than Monday’s 3,754.

India confirms over 300,000 cases one more day but is seeing a decline in infections
India confirms over 300,000 cases one more day but is seeing a decline in infections

On the other hand, the ministry has stated that there are currently 3,715,221 active cases in the country, 30,016 fewer than the previous day and for the first time in several weeks that number has fallen in the Asian country.

Likewise, it was noted that the number of people rescued from COVID-19 has passed the 19 million threshold to 19,027,304 after adding 356,082 discharges in the last 24 hours where that number exceeded the number of new cases .

The ministry has also indicated that 70 percent of new infections have been detected in ten states in the country, with Karnataka being the new epicenter of the pandemic after a drastic boom that led to the grave situation in Maharashtra being overcome.

For example, Karnataka added 39,305 infections on the last day, compared to 37,236 in Maharashtra – where the city of Bombay is located – which has surpassed daily records of cases and deaths throughout this new wave.

Karnataka was also the state with the most deaths during the day, with 596, followed by Maharashtra with 549 and the capital New Delhi with 319. However, Maharastra remains the state with the most active cases with 593,150. followed by Karnataka with 571,026.

Eleven people who were admitted to the intensive care units of a hospital in the state of Andhra Pradesh died on Monday during the day from an interruption of the oxygen supply, as the Indian television station NTDV reported.

Although the victims’ families said the supply was interrupted between 25 and 45 minutes, authorities pointed to “a five-minute interruption in the exchange of oxygen cylinders which caused a pressure drop”.

“The oxygen supply was restored in five minutes and everything is normal now. We have connected cylinders and there is no need to worry. The quick action of the medical staff prevented a major catastrophe,” the Tirupati city authorities have argued.

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