Indecision costs you money, time, and opportunities. Here’s why.

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Indecision costs you money, time, and opportunities.  Here’s why.
Indecision costs you money, time, and opportunities. Here’s why.

most of the people are draw. It is difficult for them to choose a restaurant for dinner, they would prefer someone else to choose the color to paint the room, and the simple fact of thinking about a decision with important consequences triggers a panic attack.

If you are one of those people, you Inability to make decisions It’s not just a whim; it costs you time, money, and opportunity. And that’s exactly why you feel overwhelmed all the time.

You do not believe me? Look around. Who is out there expanding their business and making ridiculous amounts of money? Who is most comfortable with the world and their life? It is the decision-makers who see an opportunity and use it.

Money is attracted to speed

It may have taken you years to find a niche that was ignored. And then it took you a few more years to test and research. And if you were lucky, no one else gave you the idea. So you started winning from the start imagining that if you did the same you would always stay on top.

But what happened the day you introduced your product or service to the world?

Competition appeared. And contrary to what you did, the others didn’t think and research for years, but they saw that you were making money and that was the only thing that mattered to them. You were hungry and wanted a piece of what you were eating.

So they took what you did and took it to another level. In weeks these people made something bigger and better than you imagined because they realized that money follows fasting.

A reality in life and in business is that if you are slow, you lose. And if you think second place isn’t that bad, remember that nobody knows who won the silver medal. So if you don’t learn to make real decisions in real time, someone else will take over your company and work with it, leaving you forgotten.

What should you do about it?

Overcoming indecision is not quantum physics. Did you discover an opportunity? Do something! Seize this opportunity in front of you or decide not to use it, but to make a decision! Business doesn’t allow you the luxury of turning things around and wondering whether or not you should do something. You either act or watch someone else do it.

Fear is part of the reason you can’t make decisions. Many people waste time drowning in fear and rethinking the options. You spend too much time asking for opinions and worrying about what others have to say. These indecisive people play it safe, always expect the worst, and live their lives in fear.

But let me tell you something that the brightest minds in business know. Every time you fail to make a decision, a decision is made for you in terms of money, time, and missed opportunities.

The thing that you think could be ridiculously successful? It could be, but you will never know because you will not work to make it happen.

Welcome to the school of choice

Let me tell you something that neither your mother nor your teachers told you. Except death, you can recover from anything else (or from a decision you’ve made). No decision is permanent.

Mediocre people do not know this, and these people in your life have taught you not to rush to make a decision. They motivated you to think about each decision as if it were life or death. They taught you to be careful of anything and everything until you couldn’t anymore.

This may have worked in school or the bubble you grew up in, but it doesn’t work in the real world. If you don’t make decisions quickly, you’re out. If you give yourself a day to think about it, the opportunities are lost, your reputation is lost, and all of the time you spent building your business is wasted.

Even in the best possible scenario, you only have 40 to 70 percent of the information necessary to make the best decision. So, forget about what you have been taught and make decisions faster, then adjust them as needed.

The big decision is now

Do you still feel like you are drawn to indecision? Observe the life of mediocre people. They never left the city they grew up in because they were so cared for that they never made progress, because they never took risks, instead flew in circles all their lives and were unable to making the decision of what lies ahead of them.

Is it that what you want? Would you like to look back on your life and celebrate how much you’ve thought about each decision? Or do you want to see a path full of failures, adventures and great successes?

I invite you to stop being mediocre and turn yourself into a powerful person, a warrior. Step on the gas and trust that every bad decision can be undone.

Of course, there will always be mediocre people to remind you that bad decisions bring baggage. Remember that this baggage will be no lighter than that filled with thoughts and regrets. And unlike a suitcase full of desires, failure teaches you something that will make you a better entrepreneur and a better person. On the flip side, if you stand on the sidelines and are paralyzed by indecision, you won’t learn anything. This will only make you an ineffective leader, entrepreneur, and person.

So get started today. Make a decision and deal with it right away. You may get a few scratches or bruises along the way, but you will leave your average self buried in the dust as you build your business center.

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