Increase your productivity. Be more positive!

If you are a more positive person than the rest, you are also more creative and more likely to achieve good results.

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The science of human potential in recent years has focused on studying what makes people perform better and have better results in their work and has come up with discoveries that completely change the way we understand productivity . One of the biggest findings is that being a more positive person also makes you more creative and more likely to get good results.

Increase your productivity. Be more positive!
Increase your productivity. Be more positive!

Take the example of Karla and Raúl, two people who are dedicated to sales within an insurance company. One day at the 9 a.m. meeting the CEO of the organization gives them bad news: sales are going down, productivity is down 10%, no new customers are coming in, and renovations aren't closing either. Hearing this makes them both nervous and pressured, but what they do after the meeting makes a big difference. Let's see!

Karla leaves the meeting, goes to her desk, turns on the computer and takes out her notebook. She begins to write down ten reasons why she considers that this phenomenon is occurring in the company. Then he “googles” possible alternatives and he remembers that his friend Ramón has a brother who is dedicated to giving sales and business advice. So not even 5 minutes pass in which she is already contacting Ramón to make a work appointment with the brother.

On the other hand, when leaving the meeting, Raúl also goes to his cubicle, turns on the computer and says 'I need to be distracted', for which he starts to see the news of the day: increase in kidnappings, fall in the stock market and rise in the unemployment rate. Just what is happening to me! He says. “Sure, the world is very bad, this city is in chaos, this country is getting worse every day.” So he decides to send a WhatsApp to Margarita, his friend from work, to invite her to smoke a cigarette in the patio. Margarita accepts and as soon as they see each other they start the “radio hall” to talk about everything that is wrong with the organization and what they are going to do if they are fired.

Same situation, different reactions. On the one hand, a position that does not deny the problem but that begins to look for alternatives, a positive position. And on the other hand, a posture that focuses on the negative and that generates apathy and disinterest. Which one describes the current situation? Probably both, the interesting thing here is that the two cause different results in the short, medium and long term.

Researcher Barbara Fredrickson has seen that people who have more positive thinking styles are also more creative and better problem solvers.

1. This generates greater commitment to goals, greater probability of learning from mistakes, and therefore greater job performance and productivity. Being positive motivates and negativity generates apathy and, in general, very demotivating environments.

In this sense, scientists at the University of Berkeley Haas School of Business concluded that managers with greater positivity were more effective, precise and careful in making their decisions, therefore, they obtained better results.

2. How can we benefit from these findings? The good news is that if we are not born with a tendency towards the positive it can develop. There are many things we can do to raise our positivity rates and here we will see some:

a) When a problem or a difficult situation arises, ask yourself: what can I do in this situation? How can I contribute to the solution? Is this analysis I am doing focused on making proposals or generating apathy?

b) Reflect every day: what if today is going well? What good things are happening?

c) Recognize and celebrate your small achievements. People are very given to take for granted the good, one way to increase positivity is to appreciate that positive we have. Tal Ben Shahar, another expert on the subject, says: when you appreciate the good, the good is appreciated, that is, it grows.

Integrate these ideas into concrete actions during your day and notice the difference in your mood and your results. Sometimes the changes we are looking for in productivity have more to do with the way we understand and interpret reality than with the passing of an extraordinary event.

Positivity is an excellent option to enjoy work more and to increase our productivity, science supports it!

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