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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence With These 5 Tips

October 31, 2020

Bet on long-term relationships. Take control of your emotions and follow these practices to use this powerful tool.

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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence With These 5 Tips
Increase Your Emotional Intelligence With These 5 Tips

Emotional intelligence is the most powerful tool for success, not only in romantic relationships, but also in business. In fact, to achieve your business goals, the same rules apply to love. Here are five practices that people work with high emotional intelligence use to achieve success in both work and personal life:

1. Follow actions, not words. When I hire someone, I don’t pay close attention to their quotes about accounting or hard work. Instead, I look for a solid track record to see if they deliver things on time, make calls, or close deals. It’s not worth talking about in business or personal matters.

2. Analyze yourself. We are all emotional beings and sometimes small things can become unnecessarily big problems. Emotionally intelligent people know how to pause before creating a difficulty out of nowhere.

Did someone interrupt you at a meeting? Instead of complaining about it or seeking revenge, consider that this person will be distracted from personal matters at home. Perhaps she felt analyzed by her boss and overcompensated for with her loud presentation. Overcome it and give them the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t always have to do with you.

The same rule applies to your love and business relationships. We all have bad days and small flaws. Just because your date doesn’t want to dance makes her sorry that she is with you or that she will never date you again. Take the incident as it is and move on.

3. Think about the end goal. Those who have succeeded in life and in business keep track of what is important. This means letting go of insignificant things and potholes on the road that occur every day.

When you have the ultimate goal as a priority, it is easier to negotiate, build successful partnerships with a difficult client as well Focus your energy in what is valuable without deviating from small nuisances.

This also applies to relationships. If a long-term relationship with your spouse is your priority, things like leaving the toothpaste open will not bother you. Even stronger issues like managing money or raising your children are easier to negotiate when the two of you are focused on a lifelong partnership.

4. Get rid of toxins. Good companies feed on good energy. Negative people can destroy an organization. s with high emotional intelligence know that there are enough positive people in the world who don’t need energy to deal with toxins.

Sometimes even high-performing employees are not a good choice if they are manipulative, combative, or negative in the office.

The same goes for your work and your personal relationships. If someone steals your energy or you feel bad, you have the strength to move on. Emotionally intelligent people have little tolerance for those who are liars, critical, needy, or addicting. There are some people who are better off in your life or on the other side of the room.

5. Stay connected. Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean you should break the bridge. Even when a business fails, try to go the hard way and keep the connection going. You never know when you will meet them again or if you will need them in the future.

Just because a relationship doesn’t last a lifetime, it means they should go away as enemies. Very often relationships end because of certain differences or circumstances. When a bridge is available, you have a greater chance of having a better experience at almost every level.