Increase in the cost of gasoline, soft drinks and cigarettes as of January 1, 2021

The tax adjustment is made every year, so the Treasury Department has updated the IEPS quotas that apply to these products.

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Increase in the cost of gasoline, soft drinks and cigarettes as of January 1, 2021
Increase in the cost of gasoline, soft drinks and cigarettes as of January 1, 2021

Of January 1, 2021 Some products like Petrol, soft drinks and cigarettes will have one Customization in your price, according to the Estimate of inflation.

According to Act on the Territorial Tax on Production and Services (IEPS), the Finance minister The respective quotas are updated every year processed tobacco, automotive fuels, flavored beverages, and fossil fuels for federal agencies.

That said Cigars will have one IEPS from 0.49 to 0.5108 pesos, in the flavored drinks – Among these soft drinks – from 1.3036, which had 1.25616 pesos before.

Taking into account all of the above estate noted that automotive gasoline, mostly known as Magna, bonus and dieselin the same way they will have their adaptation.

Gasoline less than 91 octane – – Magna– It is between 4.95 and 5,148 pesos per liter, which corresponds to an average increase of 3.3%. The bonus from 4.18 to 4.3192 pesos.

In the meantime, the following quotas apply to fossil fuels: propane – 7.7291 cents per liter; Butane – 10,023 cents per liter, gasoline and gas aircraft – 13,556 cents per liter; Jet fuel and other kerosene – 16.1918 cents per liter; Diesel – 16.4501 cents per liter; Heating oil – 17.5558 cents per liter; Petroleum coke – 20.3767 pesos per ton; Coal coke 47.7695 pesos per ton; Mineral coal – 35,9692 pesos per ton and other fossil fuels – 51,9957 pesos per ton of carbon contained in it.

The agreement can be found in the DOF, where you can see the entire 138/2020 agreement, known as: “Agreement that updates the quotas stated in relation to the special tax on production and services.”

Published in Official Gazette of the Federation, The IEPS charge update factor for 2021 is 1.0333 points, as the November 2020 National Consumer Price Index, which was 108.856, has been divided by that for November 2019, which was 105.346. Procedure established in accordance with the provisions of Article 17- A of the Tax Code of the Federation.

What is the IEPS?

The ISpecial tax on production and services Means the A tax paid on the manufacture and sale or import of gasoline, alcohol, beer, and tobacco, among other things.

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