Incoming Senator Hopes to “Bring Bitcoin to Public Consultation”

In an interview for the ABC News program GMA3: What you need to know the elected senator on Friday Cynthia Lummis He reiterated his support for popularizing Bitcoin, even saying he hoped to “bring Bitcoin to public consultation”.

In a clip that circle everywhere on Twitter, the future senator who will represent Wyoming, became arguably the highest-ranking US official who spoke so highly of digital currency, She cited her experience as a former treasurer to explain why she believes in the future of Bitcoin.

“I am a former state treasurer and have invested the permanent funds of our state. That is why I have always looked for a good store of value, and Bitcoin fits this project. Our own currency inflates; Bitcoin does not. 21 is mined. Billions of Bitcoin, and That’s it, it’s a finite offer. So I’m confident that it will be a major player in the store of value for a long time to come. “

Incoming Senator Hopes to “Bring Bitcoin to Public Consultation”
Incoming Senator Hopes to “Bring Bitcoin to Public Consultation”

The Senator also seemed to be ignoring Sara Haines’ insinuation. GMA3 moderator, that bitcoin could be used to launder money or evade taxes, choose not to address these issues at all.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Lummis was an early adopters of Bitcoin after buying the coin in 2013 on the advice of her son-in-law, Will Cole. He works for the cryptocurrency company Unchained Capital.

While some in Congress have modestly endorsed cryptocurrencies, like the Florida representative Darren Soto, who accepted campaign contributions donated in cryptocurrencies, few, if any, he has expressed his support, as has Lummis.

While many outlets have determined that Lummis will be the first woman to represent Wyoming in the Senate, Many in the crypto space are undoubtedly hoping that she will also be the first real representative of Bitcoin.

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