INCmty offers 2X1 tickets for entrepreneur readers

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INCmty offers 2X1 tickets for entrepreneur readers
INCmty offers 2X1 tickets for entrepreneur readers

With speaker first level that will enrich the align and a solid commitment to the promotion and visibility of the corporate ecosystem. Everything is ready for the launch of INCmty, the festival of entrepreneurship with the greatest prestige and influence in Latin America Monday 2 to Friday 6 November, for the first time in 100% digital form since its first edition in 2013.

Under the leading axis this year of Digital inclusion sustainable future, INCmty has established itself as a platform that provides a “boost” of inspiration and knowledge to company, invest and build. It’s also a call to reinvent, re-learn, and use tools to reinvent the ecosystem. and a window to networking and building an international community.

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Digital inclusion focuses on reducing the digital divide, a challenge that the current global situation has exacerbated and demonstrated. Sustainable future believes that a sustainable future must be shaped by generating innovative and ethical solutions in order to achieve this inclusion.

The entrepreneurs who will be part of this unique experience will have access to conferences held by prominent executives, such as:

  • Brian Halligan, Co-Founder and CEO Hubspot, inventor of inbound marketing
  • Richard Saul Wurman, creator of the TED conference
  • Terrell Owens, former Star NFL player and Hall of Famer
  • Mariate Arnal, Director of Stripe in Latin America
  • Jill Popelka, President of SAP SuccessFactors
  • Jacob Pace, CEO of Flighthouse, the MTV of the future on TikTok
  • Gonzalo Alonso, futurologist and digital transformer in Latin America
  • Mark Esposito, Co-Founder of Nexus FrontierTech
  • Jacob Morgan, author and futurologist, founder of the Future of Work University

David Garza, Rector and Executive President of Tecnológico de Monterrey, reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to consolidate itself as a study house with the three selves despite the challenges of the current scenario: research, innovation and internationalization. “The universities that have the best impact are those that, in addition to teaching and research, also create channels of communication to encourage those who are committed and contribute to the development of the country. Tec supports its entrepreneurial vocation, which is part of its DNA, in those moments when it is important to remember that challenging times are great opportunities for entrepreneurship. “

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Competitions for entrepreneurs

It is estimated that more than 50% of Mexico’s GDP comes from small and medium-sized businesses facing a challenging scenario in 2020. For this reason, INCmty is being consolidated this year in order to accelerate ideas and make contacts to entrepreneurs through platforms and challenges such as INC Accelerator and HEINEKEN Green Challenge, INC B-Challenge, INC Prototype and the Health Innovation Award.

Rogelio de los Santos, President of the Eugenio Garza Lagüera ship Institute by Tec de Monterrey and President of INCmty, urged entrepreneurs to band together to face the challenges of the current scenario and use the resilience and ability to customize as flags. “We are facing the perfect scenario to reconfigure the way we think and develop new approaches to discover innovative ways to act as people and economic actors that promote development and wellbeing.”

Josué Delgado, Director of INCmty, announced some new features in this edition: “We are reinventing the challenges for entrepreneurs, hand in hand with organizations like the World Bank and HEINEKEN. We’re also starting an expert-fed blog and of course this is a place where collaborations can take place. Also, as it will be completely digital, a new platform will be set up so attendees don’t miss the presentations. “The manager emphasized the importance of maintaining unity in the business community in order to meet challenges together and continue to achieve economic and social benefits in the country.

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Special price for en Español readers

The eighth edition of INCmty includes five summit meetings that take place every day from November 2nd to 6th. During the week you will have access to live content, fireside chats, on-demand summit conferences, QA sessions, interviews, unique product launches, good news, freebies and trivia, among other things.

en Español is part of this event. For this reason Tec de Monterrey started a campaign for our readers this Friday: For every ticket bought on this day, you will receive another ticket with the code GETTING STARTED.

Tecnológico de Monterrey reaffirms its commitment to the business community in Mexico and Latin America to continue to develop innovative initiatives that nurture, nurture and highlight the talents of those who develop innovative ideas that are part of the change our societies require.

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