In this way, entrepreneurs manage to give great podcast interviews

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In this way, entrepreneurs manage to give great podcast interviews
In this way, entrepreneurs manage to give great podcast interviews

In March I was invited to two small podcasts that you had never heard of, and that’s one of the main reasons why I accepted.

In my 27-year career, I was lucky enough to have been interviewed on both open TV news programs (CBS Nightly News, ABC World News tonight) as in cable news programs (Fox News, CNN). However, these phenomena are rare: I am an auditor and financial advisor, not a political analyst. So I don’t have demand all the time.

However, I have to be ready for these interviews when they call me. Indeed you too. Nothing justifies an entrepreneur’s credibility more than the fact that others call him an expert.

But as a “Big League” player who has to practice hitting in the off-season, we all have to stay smart between these sporadic interviews. Just as there is an opportunity to manage your core business, there is an opportunity to promote it through media interviews.

Why are small podcasts helpful?

I was recently on a podcast called Cool your heels with Lillian Cauldwell. Cauldwell interviews authors of fiction and non-fiction, so I was invited to write two books on personal finance.

Most of his questions related to the stock exchange, which I try to avoid just because I don’t want to give investment advice. I am president of, which has helped millions of Americans get out of mind-blowing credit card bills, tax debts, and student loans. I want to give advice on debt relief, not investment advice.

“I mainly focus on debt”, I said to him. But I said …

“”We are on the longest bull market this country has ever seen. It has to end. I had lunch with Goldman Sachs President / CEO last week and he expects us to go into recession in three years. “

Then I turned the conversation around emergency preparedness, like it’s a recession.

All interviewers have their own plans, and as entrepreneurs you have yours. No matter how big the podcast is, train your mental muscles to deal with the interviewers who keep asking you questions you don’t want to answer. So it was good practice to get Cauldwell on the subject that I know best about.

It also helps create your message for different audiences. Cauldwell’s audience consists mainly of seniors. That was perfect for me because older people struggle with debt, but in a different way than younger ones.

“Ultimately, older people shouldn’t be responsible for their children’s debts,” I told Cauldwell. “Do not allow your children or grandchildren to infiltrate your balance. For example, an older person signs for a car and ends up wearing it. You can be generous to a certain extent. Don’t be silly.”

Cauldwell was grateful to have this conversation, although she hadn’t expected it. Talking to an interviewer can be good for both sides.

How to perfect your message

Just a week later, I was on another podcast. This is called ValueWalk, which describes itself as a “single hedge in hedge funds or hedge funds, large asset managers and securities investments”. Then he had to turn the conversation back into debt. However, I have found common themes of what a smart entrepreneur has to do skillfully if he wants to get interviews that also promote his business.

When the host asked me about children who inherit wealth, I answered with a common tactic: not to avoid the question, but to answer with an analogy that focuses on your business.

So I used credit cards as a relevant example because focuses on credit card debt.

“You have to be brought up because parents will give their children a lot of wealth. If they are not taught how to use these assets properly, they will lose them. It is similar to giving your child a credit card without it to teach them about using credit cards. They’ll use them without thinking. Then they’ll say, “What do you think I have to pay for what I spent? And what do you think I have to pay you on time? “

It is worth the time

Even if you think, “This is a lot of media work that I may never get,” I find that podcast interviews also help me communicate better and more accurately at business meetings. In contrast to the cable and open TV interviews I conducted, you can explain complex topics in detail in podcasts. CBS y CNN They only wanted excerpts from my participation.

After a long conversation in a podcast, I find that I am doing better with my employees and partners. Because there are so many podcasts and you have so many hours to listen to them, you can find one that is specific to you. It won’t be a difficult sale. You will appreciate your experience and you will be given the opportunity to improve your brand.

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