In the córdobes bastion of Macri


Mauricio Macri starts with a disadvantage in the polls for the presidential elections this Sunday in Argentina.

His rival at the polls, the Peronist Alberto Fernández, beat him in the primary of August by 16 points and now has an advantage in the polls that are around 20 points.

In the córdobes bastion of Macri
In the córdobes bastion of Macri

But there are two places where the hegemony of the businessman Macri persists. The president continues to win in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in Córdoba, his authentic stronghold during the last years.

“How I love you, dear Cordoba, please. What do you want to be, to grow, to be protagonists that you have. What vital energy. How to thank you. It's tremendous. How have you banked, endured, understood that we have to be all protagonists, because this depends on us and nobody else, “said Macri during his campaign closing meeting, which took place in the western city of 1.5 million inhabitants, and that will massively bet on his re-election this Sunday, according to polls.

The meeting was very busy. At least 100,000 people attended the event, according to the national media count. The Argentine leader knew exactly where to go for a mass bath.

“I vote for freedom, and that is why I am going to vote for the engineer Macri. In the civil part the country has more peace of mind. I can express myself. Not so at other times, it was very difficult. If you spoke in favor of one and against another, you had serious problems, “says Miguel Flores, owner of a candy store in downtown Córdoba.

It is the trend of the city. Macri won 71 percent of the votes in the city of Córdoba in the ballot that confronted Peronist candidate Daniel Scioli in 2015.

“Here, more than voting for him, we voted against him, because when there was a problem like the one in Chile now, the central government did not stop him. He did not come, he did not send federal forces to help, with the famous slogan of that Cordoba cooks in his sauce, and left us lying. That's why people are very strong against Cristina, “says the businessman, referring to former Peronist president Cristina Fernández Kirchner (2007-2015).

Macri's popularity in Cordoba was confirmed in the primary. The president surpassed by 18 points his rival, Fernández, at the provincial level, in that election.

The polls suggest that the distance between the two will be reduced to 14 points in the presidential elections this Sunday, but there is no doubt that the hegemony of the businessman will persist.

Macri manages to overcome in Córdoba the unpopularity that has generated the serious economic crisis that is going through the country, whose economy will contract more than 3 percent this year.

“We are paying for the mistakes of having voted badly in all our past history. And the mistakes are paid. At the cost of work, at the cost of money, at the cost of effort, but someone had to take care of everything that happened and start to remove from scratch. And yes, nobody said that the change was going to be easy, “says Lucía Quarín, a law student in Córdoba.

Many, like her, see a decline in corruption in the country during the government of the businessman, and that is why they will give him his vote.

“Cristina left the country in misery, directly. They did not look where she was playing. She used the poor. And besides she is still free. If there is a boy here who stole a package of cookies, she is a year in prison. And she? I don't know what benefit it gave. There is a blanket of total corruption here in the upper part, in Justice, “says retired Teresa Aquino.

“I am middle class, low,” he says, admitting that he has been affected by the increases in tariffs on gas, water and electricity that have occurred during the Macri government, due to the elimination of subsidies.

Some bills have risen more than 1,500 percent. In 2015, Argentina's inflation was 25 percent. This year, however, it will close above 52 percent.

“The increase in rates was necessary, because we were not paying anything. The base has been made, because before there was no weight. They stole everything. Everything was coima, coima, coima”, insists the retiree.

“The crisis is not of the last months. Everything is an inheritance of the other, of the other, and of the previous one to the other. We must blame everyone. They are all very learned people. All very wise. But, the truth, everything goes re bad, “says skeptical shopkeeper Miguel Ferreras.

“The country is going bad, like all life. We live working to keep a lot of people. From the poorest to the richest. That is the reality,” he interprets.

In the streets of the center of Córdoba you can observe more electoral propaganda of any of the candidates than of Macri, as if you do not even need to advertise in your bastion.

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