In Spain, Bitnovo is adding its own Lightning network node

In Spain, Bitnovo has added its own Lightning network node so that its users can make faster transactions. This was revealed on their official blog, where engineer José Molina shared details about this initiative.

Molina first explained why it is important for Bitnovo to have its own LN node: “First, because it will help grow the Lightning network. The more nodes that join the network, the easier it becomes to channel payments from the network users : Maintaining a highly connected network benefits all users, and Bitnovo wants to bring in its grain of sand with a node that we hope will become an important link through which users can make their payments. Second, Why We have implemented our own solution for managing payments on the Lightning Network. For this we need a knot. Through our own development, we cannot limit ourselves to third-party solutions and thus actively contribute to the growth of this fantastic technology“.

Additionally, Molina emphasized that this allows flexibility so that they can make changes in the future if necessary.

In Spain, Bitnovo is adding its own Lightning network node
In Spain, Bitnovo is adding its own Lightning network node

Regarding the benefits to users, he said: “Bitnovo users can settle their money through Bitnovo on the Lightning network, so the ten, twenty or thirty minutes required to send Bitcoin is ten, twenty or thirty milliseconds. In addition, the uncertainty about the payment is removed from the root because it is confirmed instantly“.

Look to the future

On the future of this technology, Molina said, “Lightning is here to stay, at least until another better technology comes out to replace it.”

“Its advantages are so many that it will undoubtedly attract the attention of many users, especially given the economic situation we find ourselves in: a scenario in which central banks generate inflation in order to finance states to the detriment of savers, which are harmed by a The devaluation of the fiat currency is more than considerable, “he said.

Then he added: “It is natural for people to look to alternative financial systems to preserve their wealth, and cryptocurrencies were an incomplete option because they lacked effective means of payment … until the Lightning Network came along, of course. All in all, we are only witnessing the birth of lightning. We still have a lot to improve, but we are already seeing very hopeful green shoots for their future. “

About Bitnovo

It is a Spanish company (Valencia, 2015) that was created with the aim of facilitating access to buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is a platform through which the user can purchase cryptocurrencies. It is represented in several European countries such as Italy, France and Portugal. In addition, there are more than 30,000 physical points of sale across Europe for users who want to purchase Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies directly with cash. Bitnovo coupons can be found in physical stores and even at tobacco shops.

The company also has a customer service team available 365 days a year in Spanish, Italian and English.

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