In Hard-Line Speech, Pompeo Criticizes Iran’s Behavior

As for European allies who hope to preserve the Iran nuclear deal, Mr. Pompeo offered no concessions.

“Every country is going to have to participate” in the new American sanctions against Tehran, Mr. Pompeo said. He said the new policy sought to strangle Iran’s “economic capacity to do harm to the Middle East and to the world.”

European leaders have vowed to continue economic engagement with Iran, and Mr. Pompeo conceded that many allies see the nuclear deal as essential to their own national security.

In Hard-Line Speech, Pompeo Criticizes Iran’s Behavior
In Hard-Line Speech, Pompeo Criticizes Iran’s Behavior

“They know where we stand,” Mr. Pompeo said.

European multinational companies have already signaled that they intend to comply with reimposed American sanctions. Total, the French oil giant, announced last week it is canceling planned contracts in Iran.

Indeed, Europe’s relative powerlessness in preserving a deal in which it is deeply invested has only increased its leaders’ fury at the Trump administration’s decision to scrap the accord.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, tweeted last week in a reference to Mr. Trump: “With friends like that who needs enemies?”

By negotiating the nuclear deal, world powers sought to eliminate the most consequential threat that Iran posed to Israel and the rest of the region, which was its effort to obtain nuclear weapons.

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