In December, Pfizer could use its vaccine in Mexico: Ebrard

If Cofepris approves it, the Pfizer vaccine could be used in 17 million Mexicans next month.

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In December, Pfizer could use its vaccine in Mexico: Ebrard
In December, Pfizer could use its vaccine in Mexico: Ebrard

The Secretary for Foreign Relations Marcelo ebrad pointed out this week that in the event that the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) approves the vaccine against COVID-19 from Pfizer 17 million Mexicans could be deployed next December, starting with 15,000 volunteers.

This after the pharmaceutical company announced that its vaccine It has an efficacy rate of 95% (even in older adults) and has applied for the necessary approval from the US Food Drug Administration (FDA) to start marketing it.

Likewise, the secretary stated, “If the regulator believes it can be approved, as we hope it will be approved in the US and Europe, Mexico will begin its process in December as well.” This way, “it will arrive in Mexico on the third day, the fourth day is the customs clearance process; It is sent to the distribution centers between the fourth and fifth day to finally reach the vaccination points indicated by the Ministry of Health. “

Let us remember that this vaccine is a two-dose vaccine and, according to the agreements with the Mexican government, it will be purchased in the quantities necessary to use it in seventeen million people.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of State for Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo López Gatell assured that Cofepris “will be maintained with a special device to facilitate the whole process immediately”. So he added, “We really want Pfizer and CanSino to have them ready by December” so they can be distributed.

At CanSino, according to Marcelo Ebrad, the cooperation of fifteen thousand volunteers is necessary so that the third phase of the corresponding clinical studies can be carried out. For this reason, eight further centers have already been authorized to carry out the corresponding tests.

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