In COVID-19 times: This Tapatian company offers free counseling for students

Linc is an edtech that seeks to enable students to continue their studies through a platform validated by schools nationwide and in the United States.

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In COVID-19 times: This Tapatian company offers free counseling for students
In COVID-19 times: This Tapatian company offers free counseling for students

Linc is an edtech based in Guadalajara that seeks to automate the connection processes between students and advisers at its universities through an application. This company founded by Jaime Morales, Juan Pablo Iñigo, Esteban Varela and Santiago Morales is offering its services for free for as long as educational institutions have to teach remotely on the subject of the expansion of COVID-19.

The company began operations in 2018 and was created from “students to students” with the aim of streamlining academic advising since, according to Jaime Morales, “it was done in a very archaic way.”

“If a student wanted a math assessment, for example, he had to go to a specific department, he wrote his name in a notebook and then a person in charge of the area made the connection between the student and the advisor because they couldn't share cell phones because of things privacy and issue notices ”, explains in an interview with Jaime Morales, co-founder of Linc.

Linc Vs the COVID-19

Although there are many streaming platforms that universities are using to teach their classes online. Linc is offering its services free of charge for institutions to use its product to provide psychological support or training for their students during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are not focusing on the day-to-day of online classes but rather on the support around them, for example, our clients are not using Linc, so that classes are taught through video conferences, but more either it is to provide support to parents in how official platforms are used for online classes or to give psychological support to students, especially foreigners, “says Morales.

Linc normally charges a monthly plan to the educational institution based on the total number of students enrolled per campus. However, during the contingency for the outbreak of COVID-19 , this platform will be offered completely free for the duration of the health emergency and that schools must teach classes remotely. This in order that a distinction can be made between the psychological and academic subject.

Linc vs. the video conferencing giants

This application is available both on the web and the App Store and Google Play . It offers virtual classrooms of a maximum of 22 people and focusing on its model oriented towards educational institutions they provide schools with a daily report of their classes online.

“There is a record of the advice or demand from the students and everything is in real time, because within the administration panel of each university, which is personalized, all this data is being filled and reports and statistics are being generated per day, which allows the institution to know how many consultancies have been requested from the subject of which degree in which specific semester and even the sex of the student, “says Morales.

Characteristic that, according to the young man, is not provided by large companies such as Google Classroom or Zoom.

Image: Courtesy of Linc

The tutorials in this application can be individual, group or without prior notice. Two years after its foundation, it collaborates with a universe of more than 50,000 students and online consultancies have tripled since the health contingency, according to its co-founder. Likewise, it serves universities in Mexico and the United States, among which we can mention the Tec de Monterrey, Guadalajara campus, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Voorhees College, the University of South Carolina (UPSTATE), among others.

You can download it through the Play Store and App Store . If you want to know in detail how to join their community you can enter their official page.

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