In Cordoba they hosted a meetup on agriculture, blockchain and the Internet of Things

The Córdoba Innovar y Emprender Agency hosted a second online meeting on blockchain technology and the Internet of Things for Agriculture as part of the Agtech 2020 Innovation Hub.

Around 40 people attended the call, including specialists, mentors, entrepreneurs, business people and investors from the agtech sector, according to a press release on the official website of the Government of Cordoba.

Three useful cases for the application of disruptive technologies in agriculture were featured at the event, where attendees were shown their value proposition. They were Agrobait, Tracestory and Optiagro.

In Cordoba they hosted a meetup on agriculture, blockchain and the Internet of Things
In Cordoba they hosted a meetup on agriculture, blockchain and the Internet of Things

Of the three proposals, Tracestory highlights its proposal using the blockchain. The company offers technological support for the secure and transparent exchange of information between the various value chains in the production process by using blockchain technology.

The rest use technologies such as IoT and hybrid solutions in the “cloud” to record and systematize information and to offer customers better decisions.

Traceability allows the origin of products to be traced across the entire value chain of a particular production process, which gives the consumer confidence as their tool is synonymous with quality when using the blockchain.

The whole process of the production chain is reached through three general steps that Tracestory calls: Survey, Trace and Share. In general, the information is collected, digitized and shared with all actors that are part of the production chain via a QR code that can be scanned by any device and access the immutable information on the blockchain.

The jury during the event was made up of a group of well-known figures in the sector who managed to get firsthand knowledge of the news in the province through the use of disruptive technologies, particularly in the agro-sector.

The purpose of the meeting was “Increase private investment in local technology-based projects and build a network of mentors to advise these initiatives.”as the official grade reviews.

Cordoba Pro blockchain

The city of Cordoba, Argentina, is one of the pillars of the region in terms of adopting and developing useful cases in blockchain technology.

In this sense, In July and August, the local government sponsored the Córdoba Blockchain Hub, a cross-sectoral area formed by the local headquarters through the Ministry of Science and Technology and the local technology clusters, as well as technology-based companies and start-ups, together with universities that shape life in the region to jointly generate projects that are connected to the blockchain.

The meetup was conducted online on this occasion and streamed online through the Ministry of Science and Technology’s YouTube channel, which allowed attendees to learn firsthand about the advances in blockchain technology in the province in, among others, areas Agro-Industry, Health and Law.

The initiatives emanating from the local government aim to boost the promotion of the strong development of blockchain technology in the region, which has created an important space both nationally and internationally, with solid use cases that are setting standards in different parts of the world .

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