In Argentina, they want to launch a lithium-backed token called “Atomic 3”.

In Argentina, the advent of new tokens supported by various products is becoming a recurring message. After starting an initiative with soy and sugar, now is the time for lithium. And is that after an interview with the newspaper à ?? mbito, The new cryptocurrency would be called “Atomic 3”.

The interviewee was Pablo Rutigliano, the creator of the project, who said: We propose to develop Atomic 3 as a virtual currency tied to the physical lithium reserves of SMEs in the provinces. Many companies were heavily indebted abroad and can no longer research, drill or mine. With the cryptocurrency, they can feed on the investor users.

When asked how the idea came about, he replied, “I’ve worked for mining companies and seen the financial troubles they were facing without the ability to project themselves. A cryptocurrency tied to lithium reserves enables these companies to get away from it all to feed the investment users in order to develop. ” “.


In Argentina, they want to launch a lithium-backed token called “Atomic 3”.
In Argentina, they want to launch a lithium-backed token called “Atomic 3”.

Regarding the operation, Atomic 3 is expected to be backed by physical reserves that have been verified by companies. In addition, Rutigliano said there will be a trust. Additionally, he stated, “The idea is that it has synergies with an electric mobility process and that it is a tradable asset in that market that you can use crypto to buy an electric car or pay for insurance on an electric car.”

Price: supply and demand

As for the price, the creator of the project indicated that it will come from “the evaluation of the trust’s own financial statements presented in the markets”.

“Then the market will begin to regulate this universe of supply and demand. but always tied to trust and devoid of the volatility that cryptocurrencies have with no reserves or guarantees, “he added.

Other tokens besides agriculture

Other tokens recently made headlines from Argentina, despite being agriculture-related.

On the one hand, The initiative of a stable currency called Cryptosoja (SOYA) became known.This is a soy tokenization produced by various companies with the participation of agro-exporters. This initiative, sponsored by Agrotoken, aims to symbolize 5% of the world’s soybean production.

Cointelegraph en Español reported on it on March 17th. In this Agrotoken release, they stated that the process of tokenization of soybeans does not change the cycle of the traditional business of buying and selling grain, but works as a digital solution for farmers in the field.

They stated that cryptocurrency implies creating a decentralized ecosystem for the agribusiness that would enable payments, savings and investments.

On the other hand, In the province of Tucumán, they are promoting a token called Sucoin, which is backed by sugar production and launched by a financial firm called Bitnoa. And the value of the token is equivalent to a bag of 50 kilograms of sugar.

For every crypto there is a bag of sugar in a warehouse. So this cryptocurrency represents a 50-kilo bag. According to the promoters, this could be transferred between mobile devices in 20 seconds. Theoretically, the idea aims at a market with sugar cryptocurrencies that expands the possibilities.

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