In a new report, the US Senate describes Trump’s pressure to cancel the presidential election

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee released a new report on Thursday describing the pressure exerted by former President Donald Trump on the Justice Department to have the results of the November 2020 presidential election nullified.

The 400-page report, based on the testimony of three former senior Justice Department officials, describes how former President Trump intended to replace incumbent Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with his sidekick Jeffrey Clark, with whom he had developed a strategy of intervention for the state of Georgia .

In a new report, the US Senate describes Trump’s pressure to cancel the presidential election
In a new report, the US Senate describes Trump’s pressure to cancel the presidential election

However, the idea was rejected by top officials in that office, as well as White House attorneys, who told Donald Trump in January that they would step down en bloc if he continued his attempt to replace Rosen.

“We know that you, Rosen, will do nothing to reverse the outcome of the elections,” says the then-incumbent attorney general, who hissed at former President Trump during a meeting with other senior officials May 3 in the Oval Office .

Former Assistant Attorney General Richard Donoghue was also present at the meeting, the report said, assuring that Trump insisted on placing Clark at the head of the Justice Department throughout the meeting.

So much so that Donoghue and then Assistant Attorney General Steven Engel let him know that if he continued down this path, all of Rosen’s assistants and staff would resign.

“Donoghue added that those resignations were unlikely to end there and that other US attorneys and various Justice Department officials could also file their resignations,” the NBC-cited report said.

This initiative to resign en bloc was backed not only by Justice Department staff, but also by key White House attorneys, Pat Cipollone, who called this Trump presumption “suicide,” and Patrick Philbin. Both gave assurances that they would also leave their posts.

When the meeting was over, and according to that report, Donoghue said that Trump had continued trying to carry out his plan and that he had called to assure him that “a special agent from the Security Department was guarding a van full of destroyed ballots.” the outskirts of Atlanta. “A statement later discovered by the FBI and the Attorney General’s office was false.

Three days later, Trump held a rally outside the White House insisting on these unsubstantiated theories of electoral fraud and defending the need to interrupt the vote count, which was taking place in a Capitol at the time, which was hours later was razed to the ground by his mob of loyal followers, leaving several dead on the way.

This is the second and most detailed report by the United States Congress on what happened in the days leading up to the Capitol attack on the 6th Special Commission to Investigate and Determine Accountability for What Happened.

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