IMSS kindergartens will open on July 20th

On July 9, these rooms will be opened “without the presence of minors” to strengthen preparations for the return.

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IMSS kindergartens will open on July 20th
IMSS kindergartens will open on July 20th

The IMSS kindergartens They will resume operations on July 27, as reported Mauricio Hernández Ávila, Director of Economic and Social Services at the IMSS, but state regulations are followed if a decision is taken to avoid opening childcare facilities.

While attending the press conference on COVID-19’s daily report in Mexico, Hernández Ávila said that these rooms will be opened on July 9th “without the presence of minors” to help prepare for the return.

In addition, the official recalled that the kindergartens were seen by the federal government as an essential service. “As such, we try to offer this service to the workers who need it.”

He said the IMSS has 1,411 daycare centers nationwide that have installed capacities for 253,000 children. “We currently have 210,000 714 registered in all states in the country.”

Picture: Government of Mexico

In this way, of the 210,000 fathers and mothers who responded, 73,000 are doing essential work, and this is the universe that would benefit. 48% would do this until the risk of infection was minimal, and 12% would do it until August.

“More than 70,000 workers have normalized the courses again. This means that they are familiar with the income filter and the sanitary facilities that must be available when entering kindergarten,” said Mauricio Hernández Ávila.

We must remember that kindergartens are a right enshrined in the Social Security Act and that they should remain open to those mothers and fathers who send their children and want to exercise this right.

The official said that support requests will be removed and consultations will be held with local governments on July 15 to find out each unit’s security protocol.

The opening is carried out under strict security conditions and detection filters for possible cases, in addition to the online training of 70,000 day care staff so that they are familiar with the input filters.

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