IMSS and Grupo Modelo unite against COVID-19

Through the IMSS Foundation, Grupo Modelo began the delivery of 300,000 bottles of antibacterial gel for distribution throughout the country.

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To prevent the spread and spread of the COVID-19 virus, Grupo Modelo began delivering 300,000 bottles of 300-milliliter alcohol-gel to be distributed in Family Medical Units and Hospitals, through the Representative Offices of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) throughout the country.

IMSS and Grupo Modelo unite against COVID-19
IMSS and Grupo Modelo unite against COVID-19

The reception of the first shipment with 18,720 bottles of antibacterial gel was led by the health manager at the IMSS Central Warehouse, Elsa Austria Mireles, and Grupo Modelo's legal and corporate vice president, Raúl Escalante.

This donation was made in the Central Warehouse of Vallejo, where the supplies arrived so that their delivery begins in the 35 representative offices of Social Security in the Mexican Republic.

On behalf of the IMSS, the chemist Elsa Austria Mireles recognized the importance of the solidarity support of the private initiative to help in extreme situations such as the one currently experienced by the coronavirus pandemic.

He explained that the product is received in the Special Programs Warehouse and Red Fría, and from there it will be sent based on a strategic distribution list to the representative offices and, later, it will be delivered to the Family Medicine Units and the General Hospitals of area in the country.

“The collaboration of companies like Grupo Modelo shows the strength that characterizes us as Mexicans in the most difficult times. With this donation and compliance with the measures established in the National Day of Sana Distancia, we will be able to continue working on the prevention and containment of the spread of COVID-19, ”he said.

For his part, Raúl Escalante said that with this action the company contributes to attending to the emergency the country is experiencing due to the pandemic.

“Since its founding, Grupo Modelo has maintained its commitment to the well-being of Mexico and its families, so this time it could not be the exception. It is a pride to represent the more than 32 thousand employees of the company, making this first installment a reality that will be crucial to get ahead of this health situation. We do it for our Mexico ”, he affirmed.

The antibacterial gel is made from the alcohol extracted from the Corona Cero beer fermentation process, at the Tuxtepec plant, Oaxaca. The elaboration of this product complies with the Mexican sanitary norms by having a concentration of 70 percent, the ideal to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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