Improve your visibility at work and take your career to the next level

In Mexico, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in our country; only 31% of women hold management positions. This number is even more relevant in a country where women, who make up 51.2% of the population, have struggled for equal opportunities for decades.

Inequality is huge in our society and limits professional development opportunities for women. The main reasons include the distribution of unpaid care work; the so-called glass ceiling, i.e. gender stereotypes; the lack of regulation and punishment for gender discrimination, among other things.

Improve your visibility at work and take your career to the next level
Improve your visibility at work and take your career to the next level

“As women, we have to make ourselves professionally visible. We have often fallen into the belief that we are not good enough to ask for a raise or a promotion; We find it difficult to accept a compliment for our work; we feel uncomfortable in decision-making positions; Or we feel that we cannot express our ideas. However, if we make our achievements visible and speak out, we have better job opportunities, ”says Tania Pimentel, director and founder of Women Index.

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Likewise, the lack of tools and skills for negotiation and leadership leads women to lose relevant job opportunities in their careers; either be in a company; as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Some numbers

The figures underline the urgent need for action so that women have more and better opportunities and make their successes visible:

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) informs us that of 4 million entrepreneurs in our country only 19% are women. In addition, INEGI itself mentions that women who own a business hire more women, which means there are about two paid women for every man and that 86.1% stay employed year-round. However, women have less support, as only 13 out of 100 women-run businesses received credit or funding last year, making it difficult to find resources for growth.

According to the World Bank, the labor force participation rate for women was only 45% in 2019, compared with 77% for men; that is, there is a 32% gap.

A report from the Access to commercial finance In the UK, it is mentioned that women are 18% more likely to have impostor syndrome, which leads them to ask for the slightest raise and also to stop running for leadership positions.

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According to INEGI, women contribute 65.2% of current GDP, so closing the work gap between women and men would have an economic benefit of 70% of GDP for Mexico, according to consulting firm McKinsey. According to the institute, the wage gap between men and women will be 12% from January 2021, which means that women continue to earn less just because they are women.

Closing the work gap between women and men would have an economic benefit for Mexico equal to 70% of GDP / Image:

Tools for more visibility

Making professional achievements visible is an individual task that can be accompanied by a community, as proposed by Women Index, as the platform founded and run by Pimentel is the first digital index that collects profiles of working women in order to promote them and to make his work visible.

In addition, Pimentel launched the highly effective program called Visibility by Women Index, a six-week intensive course that involves 12 mentors with recorded sessions as well as live sessions to answer questions and create a community.

In the program, participants (in companies or as entrepreneurs) can better define their professional purpose, overcome imposter syndrome, create their personal brand, create a career plan, improve their leadership role, give negotiating tactics, give value to your work, sell your profile better, Form public speaking, social media strategies, public relations and alliances to generate attention

The call for applications for the second generation of the “Visibility by Women Index” runs until Wednesday, June 30th, and you can register using this link.

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