Immunity to COVID-19 lasts only 3 months: study

An investigation by King’s College London found these results.

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Immunity to COVID-19 lasts only 3 months: study
Immunity to COVID-19 lasts only 3 months: study

A study by researchers at the King’s College from London analyzed the immune response of 65 patients and healthcare workers against COVID-19. The results showed that of the 60% of recovered people who developed a good antibody response, only 17% maintained this level after three months.

These results could eliminate the idea of ​​herd immunity to massive population contamination, as exposure to the disease after three months could be dangerous due to the low level of antibodies.


It is important to mention that immunity is not a guarantee as there have been cases where people have been reinfected with COVID-19. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) explains in a scientific report:

“Most of these studies show that people who have recovered from an infection have antibodies to the virus. However, in some of them, the blood concentration of neutralizing antibodies is very low, suggesting that cellular immunity also plays a crucial role of recovery could play. “

Although more research is needed, the analysis has shown that developing vaccines must offer stronger and longer-lasting protection, or that people need to use it regularly, the authors explain.

The immunity and defenses the body creates against the virus are essential for the development of a vaccine. For this reason, it is important that further research and other factors are taken into account.

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