‘I’m not missing, I’m wanted’: Man taunts police

West Yorkshire Police said on Facebook that it was “concerned for 21-year-old Leon Smith”, who had been “reported missing from the Wheatley area of Halifax”.

He was described as a “white male, medium build, blond hair, last seen wearing a black tracksuit, blue t-shirt and black trainers”.

Smith responded about an hour later, posting: “Am not missing im wanted (sic).”

‘I’m not missing, I’m wanted’: Man taunts police
‘I’m not missing, I’m wanted’: Man taunts police

He added: “They go on like there worried bout my safety all they wanna do is arrest me n throw me in jail (sic).”

When asked by another Facebook user if his posts were genuine, Smith replied: “Yeah they been bare places for me I’m just keeping it on low-key hahaha,” adding: “It’s me bro.”

The user continued: “If they no u on here they will track u phone or if u on someone house internet they will track IP address pal watch what u doing (sic).”

Smith then wrote he was going to “log off now for a bit”.

In what may be a reference to The Jeremy Kyle Show, another user posted: “No wat first ya mom an sis on jezza now ur wanted give ya head a wobble leon embarrassed for ya (sic).”

West Yorkshire Police said Smith had been found not long after it made its appeal, adding that a “huge amount of police resources were expended to find this male”.

Officers said that for “reasons we cannot disclose, we had great concerns for the well being and safety of Leon”.

The force said in a statement: “We can also confirm Leon is in custody for a substantive offence which we cannot comment further on.

“Your help and support brought this incident to a safe, speedy conclusion. Thank you.”

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